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Top 12 Cheapest Travel Destinations To Visit In 2024

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Cheapest Travel Destinations To Visit In 2024 – Do you ever go like, “Oh! I haven’t been there, but it’s on my bucket list,” when someone tells you about an adventurous travel destination? Well! I believe the one excuse you will have for wasting your precious time stuck in your hectic routine is BUDGET. 

If I got that right, the next 7 minutes of your life would be a breakthrough for you because I have found the 12 cheapest travel destinations. From Asia to Africa and all the way to Europe, you can visit these serene places on a basic travel budget even if you are a first time traveler

So, are you ready for cheap vacations? 


1 – Colombia – Step in the World of Narcos

Colombia - cheapest travel destinations to visit in 2023


Present-day Colombia is luckily nothing like Colombia shown in Narcos. The setting of Narcos was in the 1980s. So, if you thought you would be meeting drug lords like Jose Gonzalo Gacha after reading the title, sorry to disappoint you.

In addition, modern-day Colombia is all about historical museums, the amazon forest, and the vibrant culture of buzzing cities. If you are a history person and a nature lover, visiting Colombia might be the perfect idea for you. 

From historical sites to beaches, you will find everything in Colombia; and you know what the best thing is? Everything is shockingly affordable. Accommodation, transport, and food are the cheapest, and you can enjoy a luxurious adventure trip within a basic travel budget. 


2 . The Republic of Georgia – Empire State of the South Housing the World’s Largest Drive-in Restuarant

The Republic of Georgia - cheapest travel destinations to visit in 2023


Are you confused about whether to visit Asia first or Europe? How about you get to see a fascinating place located at the intersection of Asia and Europe?

You will get to see the traditional Georgian houses, the types we see in classical movies. Behind the Georgian infrastructure is the Caucasian Mountain range which looks like the perfect natural backdrop. Monasteries build inside caves, years-old buildings, and scenic greenery – you can enjoy all this at an affordable price. 

When visiting Georgia, one thing more important than money is your time. Don’t travel to Georgia if you are short on time because every place is worth seeing. The culture. The history. The natural beauty. You will love seeing every bit of Georgia. 


3 . Thailand – Explore Ancient Ruins and Ornate Temples Along with Tropical Beaches

Thailand - cheapest travel destinations to visit in 2023


Have you ever visited a floating market? Yes! You read that right. You can enjoy the best local food in Thailand while enjoying a ride through the canal. Besides floating markets, Thailand has a lot of wonders to offer.

The ornate temples of Thailand are pretty famous. You have likely seen a picture of those temples on the internet and appreciated their beauty without knowing it’s Thailand. 

Tropical beaches, thick forests, luxury hotels, and years-old ruins! The only problem you face will be narrowing down the list of sights.

You can effortlessly find the cheapest accommodation and food resorts. Lastly, the best thing is the costs keep on decreasing as you move further into Thailand. 


4 . Cape Verde – Set on an Adventure to the Volcanic Islands

Cape Verde - cheapest travel destinations to visit in 2023


Do you want to travel, or do you want to explore the hidden gems of the world concealed from tourists? If you want to go with the latter, keep reading because I have found a perfect travel destination. 

Cape Verde, a small country on the coastline of Africa, has some of the best sights for you. Now, if you imagined people living in caves when you heard of Africa, let me correct your misconception. Cape Verde is one of Africa’s most developed and safe countries, and you can find the best holiday resorts here.

The white sand beaches at one end. Black sand beaches at the other. Trendy beach resorts. Ancient landscape. Volcanic lands. Perfect hiking trails. You can visit all this at an affordable price. 


5 . Vietnam – One of the Cheapest Asian Countries with Spectacular Landscapes

Vietnam - cheapest travel destinations to visit in 2023


Vietnam is underrated. Regarding how beautiful the landscapes are and not to mention the low prices of quality accommodation and food, Vietnam should be your priority travel destination. It’s the best and one of the cheapest travel destinations in Asia

The breathtaking landscapes, world-famous beaches, and floating markets will make your visit to Vietnam memorable. The ancient architecture (the Temple of Literature is my favorite among all) and the local culture are fascinating. Don’t forget to visit the serene Hoan Kiem lake. 

Also, the Cu Chi Tunnels are the best part of the trip to Vietnam. These tunnels were used in American wars. Imagine crawling through the tunnels of such historical importance. 


6 . Romania – Supposed Birthplace of Dracula, Housing Magnificent Castles, and Monastries

Vietnam - cheapest travel destinations to visit in 2023


Do you know Vlad, the Impaler, the primary inspiration for the character of Dracula, was born in Transylvania, Romania? And the region of Transylvania gives the perfect medieval vibes. Though it’s nothing scary, visiting Romania will be an adventurous trip for you. 

Romania, with its churches, old towns, and mighty mountain ranges in the background, feels like the setting of a gothic movie with a touch of nature. You will find some of the best sights having extreme historical importance. 

The festivals and food are amazing, and you will enjoy the lively Romanian culture. Hiking on the Carpathian mountains is a thrilling experience. Also, Romania is one of the cheapest places to travel in Europe. So, what do you say? 


7 . The Baltic States; Visit The Exquisite Castles And 192 Years Old Hill Of Crosses

The Baltic States - cheapest travel destinations to visit in 2023


Whether you visit the baltic states altogether or want to visit one of them, it will be a memorable experience. The northern beaches of the baltic states are the perfect instagrammable places.

Though these three states are always mentioned together, you will find a noticeable yet exciting difference in the culture and food of these states. I will highly recommend you plan the trip around the annual festivals. You will love the creativity of their cultural celebrations.  

The castles located in the baltic states are spectacular. My favorite is Trakai castle, situated in Lithuania. I would suggest Kuressaare castle if you are visiting Estonia, and for Latvia, I recommend Jelgava Palace.

From accommodation to food and travel, everything is affordable. Also, all the cultural sights are easily accessible. So, you will enjoy a safe trip to three countries while sticking to your budget. 


8 . Laos – the Land of Million Elephants Famous for its Breathtaking Scenery

Laos - cheapest travel destinations to visit in 2023


Are you after breathtaking natural sights? Or do you want to go on an adventurous trip? Well! Laos offers both. Also, the travel costs are shockingly affordable. Forests cover significant parts of Laos, and it gives such serene vibes that you’ll wish to stay there forever. 

Laos is known as the ‘Land of Million Elephants’ because of its ancient kingdom and culture. You will find a lot of temples here – royal temples, Hindu temples, temples in caves, temples along waterfalls, temples on mountains, temples in the towns, and temples under construction. 

For adventure, you will find beautiful mountain trails for hiking, tree huts, zip-lining through jungles, hot air ballooning, etc. Also, all these activities can be enjoyed within budget.


9 . Mexico – Enjoy the Best Beach Resorts and Explore Mayan Ruins

Mexico - cheapest travel destinations to visit in 2023


You must have heard about the pretty beaches of Hawaii or Miami, but they are not so affordable for everyone. So, here is a budget-friendly option for you where you can enjoy the best beach resorts within a basic travel budget.

Besides beaches, you will get to explore the ancient Mayan ruins and the world-famous pyramid, Kukulkan. Mexico houses 27 UNESCO world heritage cultural sites, apart from the natural sites. 

The epic mountains serve as the most surreal backdrop. You can also enjoy hiking in some of the mountains, not all, because some of them are volcanic. 

Moreover, the waters of Mexico inhabit some unique marine creatures. The best part is you can experience the thrilling adventure of cage diving while surrounded by sharks in the Pacific Ocean.


10 . Philippines – Travel to this Culturally Fascinating Country and Enjoy the Beauty of Nature

Philippines - cheapest travel destinations to visit in 2023


The Philippines has more than 7000 islands. The white sand beaches and the serene aura of these islands are all you need for a break from your buzzing routine. You will find a lot of tourist attractions on the beaches, such as helmet diving, surfing, etc.

Also the best part about the Philippines – is the underground river. You can explore the longest underground river in the world. Doesn’t it sound surreal? 

As I mentioned earlier, the atmosphere of most of the islands is very peaceful, so if you primarily work from home, the Philippines can serve as the perfect workcation destination. 

You are reading about the Philippines on the list of cheap travel destinations, so it’s a no-brainer your trip will be budget-friendly.


11 . Turkey – Enjoy the Topographic Beauty of Cappadocia

Turkey - cheapest travel destinations to visit in 2023


You might have seen one of those pictures on Instagram where people are standing on a rooftop with a majestic view in the background, and seagulls are flying. That’s Kubbe, a rooftop cafe in Instanbul. However, Kubbe is just a glimpse of what Turkey has to offer.

Crystal clear water, majestic mountains, ancient ruins, historic cultural sights, small villages, cosmopolitan cities, hotels build in caves, and hot springs, visiting Turkey means you will get to explore a lot. 

Also, you will find the most beautiful beaches here. Besides, Turkey offers the best Hamam(traditional baths) experience. You can explore numerous archeological sites – museums, mosques, ruins, and underground cities. The hot air balloons of Cappadocia offer a dreamlike experience. 

Though Turkey is not so cheap, it is budget-friendly. Also, beware of local vendors, as many of them might try to charge you more than usual.  


12 . Cairo – The Antique Capital of Egypt Stashing the Mysterious History of Pharaohs

Cairo - cheapest travel destinations to visit in 2023


The first thing that attracts tourists to Cairo is the pyramids. But let me tell you why I chose to put Cairo on this list. 

The refined Arab culture. Round-the-clock activities. Nile – the second longest river in the world. The mysterious history of pharaohs. Baroque architecture. Museums and mosques. Simply put, visiting Cairo will be a lifetime experience for you. 

But, I would like to warn you about some things. Firstly, you won’t be able to visit all the pyramids and tombs, as many don’t allow visitors. However, I assure you, you will get to see enough to enjoy yourself in Cairo. 

Secondly, you will have to research before visiting Cairo, as many hotels are expensive. However, finding budget-friendly accommodation options in Cairo is highly probable. So, look out for yourself before you fly to Cairo.

If you are visiting Cairo for the first time, I would suggest considering these tips before planning your trip!

Now that You’ve Reached the End

I highly recommend not using BUDGET as an excuse anymore. You live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. So, decide your first destination from these 12 cheapest travel destinations, start exploring the world, and bless your eyes with wonder.

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