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6 Times Hania Amir and Badshah Made Headlines

Hania Amir and Badshah

In the realm of the entertainment industry, there are some dynamic duos who have always remained in the spotlight even when doing the most minor things. Such is the case with the dynamic duo of Pakistani actress Hania Amir and Indian rapper Badshah. Their interactions have not only made the fans want for more but also kept the media buzzing with excitement. Let’s travel back to time when Hania Amir and Badshah made headlines and captured the attention of their fans and general public.

Instagram Love Story Unfolds 

All the great stories start from Instagram and the same is the case with this duo.The story of Hania Amir and Badshah’s growing friendship began when Badshah, the popular Let’s Nacho singer, clicked the ‘Follow’ button on Hania’s Instagram profile. This piqued the fans’ interest, and everyone was looking forward to seeing their first meeting. During an Instagram Live session, Badshah freely acknowledged the admiration for Hania, saying, “I find her very interesting”. Hania replied by uploading the video with the sweet message “You’re also very lively”. This news was enough to break the internet and left the fans wanting for more

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Hania Amir and Badshah – Dubai Diaries 

This dynamic duo met for the first time in April, 2023 on Badshah’s birthday and decided to take their friendship offline. Hania met with many other Indian singers on his birthday and the news quickly found its way on many entertainment sites and social media pages.  Hania posted photos of their encounter on Instagram, exhibiting their wonderful camaraderie and contagious smiles. While some admirers are pleased, many of Hania’s male followers are unhappy with her blossoming friendship.

Hania Amir and Badshah

FaceTime Fun

Another time when this duo was found in the news was on December 16, 2023. Badshah uploaded a screenshot of his FaceTime session with Hania, showing a moment of mutual laughing between the two pals. Badshah playfully captioned the post, [What was the joke?]”, to which Hania humorously responded, “Life.” Their funny banters showcase how genuine their friendship actually is and brings a smile to your faces. They both sure know how to enjoy life and keep the fans entertained. 

Podcast Peek into Their Friendship

The fans keep getting updates on their relationship status and their fun dynamics. During a podcast with Ahmad Ali, Hania Amir couldn’t stop giggling when questioned about Badshah, revealing her regard for his music and praising him as a fantastic guy and friend. Her frank remark revealed a beautiful look into the two actors’ warm and pleasant relationship, cementing their standing as friendship ideals in the entertainment industry. However, we cannot overlook the fact that many fans have speculated that the two of them are dating. What do you think? 

Emotional Support Amidst Struggles

Well, both are back in the news, and fans are once again excited. Hania published a candid Instagram post on April 19 about not feeling emotionally good. Just two days later, she posted images with Badshah with the caption “rescue arrived from Chandigarh,” implying Badshah’s calming presence during her rough period.It truly showcased their friendship beyond the glamor of the entertainment industry. Hope we can get a friendship like them (fingers crossed). 

Hania Amir and Badshah

Concert Time Revelations

The best thing about their relationship is that the fun never seems to stop. Hania Amir recently posted a video where both are doing concert for their fans. The energy is contagious, garnering lots of attention and love on the post. However, many people are not happy with this friendship. While some see it as a dynamic-bestfriend-duo, some are skeptical.  

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Fans are convinced that there is more to this friendship 

The friendship between Hania Amir and Badshah unites the people of Pakistan and India. There are fans who believe that it is not a simple friendship and they soon will reveal something big about their relationship. But let’s admit, fans are continually swooning over Hania and Badshah. What do you think about their fun banters and lovely moments? Let us know in the comments.

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