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4 Proven Skincare Products That Are Worth Your Money

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Proven skincare is a brand that broke one of the greatest myths about skincare products. A brand that could be dubbed “The Tesla of skincare”. Ming Zhao, the CEO of the proven skincare line, created skincare formulas targeting different skin concerns.

You must be wondering how can few specific products work for every skin type. That’s where the magic lies. These products are customized according to your skin type and the issues you’re encountering on your journey to achieve glowing and healthy-looking skin.

The best part is people with a vegan lifestyle can also use the skincare range as it is cruelty-free.

The proven skincare range consists of 4  products: a cleanser, a day cream, an eye cream, and a night cream.  The popularity of the Proven skincare line is justified as the thought of a three-step simplified skincare routine has ladies dancing. 

The main selling point of Proven skincare lies in its customization service. Before it customizes products, you must complete a  37-question skincare gnome quiz. Aside from skin concerns, the questions include subjects such as environment, stress level, and where you live. 

Experts at PROVEN SKINCARE access your skin requirements through provided answers and design personalized skincare products for you. The company’s strategy landed them around 4.7 out of 5-star reviews on their website and Trustpilot. 

More About The Skincare Line

The personalized skincare database is what makes the proven skincare line exclusive. At the end of the short quiz, the brand infuses the product with particular ingredients that can assist you in achieving unfiltered glowing skin. 

If you’ve been curious about why there are no exfoliating products or serums and, most importantly, why the brand doesn’t include sunscreen? 

Let me reveal it now. All the benefits offered by these skincare products are infused in the few products they sell. The day cream from proven skincare also contains components that provide satisfactory sun protection and exfoliates your skin. So, you don’t need to incorporate any extra steps in your skincare routine.

Sunscreen is a must-have for skincare, and you might have heard of those moisturizers on the market with ingredients that act as sunscreen, an invention stolen from a proven skincare range. So, whether you are using Proven cream or cleanser, you get a complete skincare package in one product.

Let’s Begin With The Cleanser

You must have thought about skipping cleansing after a hectic day. We all have been in that situation. However, makeup and dirt can ruin your skin if you don’t take proper care of it. 

Here all you need is a cleanser tailored to your needs, and Proven skincare offers you such a cleanser. The Proven cleanser contains premium ingredients and maintains the moisture of your skin.

The Goodness Of The Day Cream

The moisturizing day creams are the focus of proven skincare reviews. You can choose what suits you best. Whether you want to go for creamy or gel-based moisturizer, Proven is at your service. 

The Proven moisturizer will quickly become one of your holy grains as it contains all the necessary elements to solve your skin problems. The infused SPF coverage makes this proven skincare day cream stand out.  

Here Comes The Night Cream To The Rescue

The Proven night cream is an underrated product that can be a total game-changer if used religiously. The nighttime cream from the proven skincare range is all about repairing. It heals the damage from UV rays which can lead you to dull skin at an early. 

Ladies, correct me if I’m wrong, but this is the last thing you’d do.

The Eye Cream Duo

As fascinating as the name is, let me introduce you to the newest addition to the Proven skincare line. We’ve all heard that applying eye cream at night yields much better results. 

This proven skincare eye cream now comes in a day and night version to depuff your eyes and reduce under-eye bags that make you look like a raccoon. 

The Secret Ingredients 

The secret products that make Proven skincare worth it are all cruelty-free, with no Phthalates, parabens, SLS, or Formaldehyde. The exclusiveness of Proven skincare ingredients lies in the custom formulation.

You can personalize your cleanser by adding either AHAS or BHA’S. If you want a brighter complexion and to get rid of your dark spots, use an AHA such as glycolic acid. It also softens fine lines and gives a younger-looking appearance.

If your skin type is oily and more prone to acne, the proven skincare cleanser will be including BHA: such as salicylic acid, to get rid of that extra oil resting on your face. Both acids provide a mild exfoliation in the wash-off treatment leaving your skin looking healthy.

Moisturizing creams are a must-have for hydrating your skin. The ingredients in your customized cream will be different from others.

For mature skin, the day cream would be infused with turmeric extract. An ingredient that is anti-inflammatory and helps deal with dull skin.  For night use, the cream customized by proven skincare includes retinol which helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

Individuals self-conscious about their dark spots living in a humid climate will find this range ideal. Arbutin, which helps lighten dark spots and even out your skin tone, will be included in your custom-made moisturizers. Pomegranate extract is another underutilized ingredient commonly used in moisturizers. It helps protect your skin from UV rays.

Many people ignore skin concerns such as sensitivity because they have tried numerous products and still can’t find a solution. For sensitive skin,  Proven moisturizer will contain the goodness of Arnica Montana Flower Extract, which helps soothe your red skin.

The proven skincare line also offers personalized eye creams. Ingredients such as vitamin C are brewed for sensitivity, which does not burn and brightens the under the eye. Peptides found in a proven skincare eye cream are your best friend when it comes to improving elasticity and firmness.

Does Proven Skincare Work?

Proven Skincare

Yes!  Definitely, yes. The Proven skincare line works for everyone as it is tailored to your specific skin concerns. Almost everyone agrees that the particular ingredients infused in their skincare after taking the skincare genome quiz proved a game changer for their skin. 

The proven skincare cost might seems like too much compared to other brands. However, if something works every time and for everyone, it is worth the money and the hype. 

There are 26,000 positive comments from people describing how the proven skincare three-step routine has worked wonders for them. So, what are you waiting for?


The Audience Approval

Proven Skincare bad reviews are very rare to find. To back up my claim, I’ve included candid reviews of two editors who put the proven skincare line to the test. 

Each of them tried the simplified three-step routine to see what all the hype was. I will discuss their updates up to week four because that is enough time for you to notice changes in your skin.

Editor no.1

Jose is her name. Her skin is dry, with blackheads around her nose. Her current skincare routine includes an oil cleanser, a brightening cleanser, and a soothing mist. She also uses a regular serum, moisturizer, SPF, and facial oil. Let’s see her Proven Skincare review before and after.

Week 1

She noticed a minor change in her unexpected breakouts. The number of pimples that appeared on the chin and forehead had reduced. Her previous stubborn cyst on her forehead had also dried up.

Week 2

Jose was relieved when she noticed that the puffiness under her eyes had diminished. She no longer resembled the sleep-deprived adult. 

The editor also stated that the proven skincare kept its promise of seeing results in two weeks. She also observed clearer skin, which was one of her skin objectives.

Week 3

This skincare range helped her to overcome one of her biggest skin problems, having desert-dry skin after using acne treatments. Her skin felt soft, and she was impressed by her brighter complexion. There were still a few pesky blackheads here and there.

Week 4

The overall results are mentioned. Jose was pleased with how even her skin tone appeared. She was feeling herself with that extra glow and bouncy cheeks.

The editor was ecstatic with the transformation from dull to healthy-looking skin. She was thrilled to learn that you don’t need a lot of products to achieve that flawless skin we all dream of.

Editor No.2

Let’s go on a skincare journey with Blair. Her skin type is the combination. The current skincare regimen consists of facewash, witch hazel toner, and moisturizer, which didn’t work well. 

She prefers a clay mask or a hydrating sheet once a week. Let’s see an honest proven skincare review from her side.

Week 1

After using this range for seven days, Blair noticed that the oily parts of the face became less greasy. That one pimple that popped due to the hormonal changes had also lightened.

It was shocking for her that the Proven skincare ingredients in the cleanser didn’t lather enough but still left the skin squeaky clean.

Week 2

According to the editor, she has a few breakouts around her jawline and chin. She soon realized it was the dirt popping onto the skin’s surface.

Blair also noticed that the night cream was well-built due to the active ingredients (as mentioned in the proven skincare box) and wanted to build a tolerance to it by using it daily.

Week 3

Blair’s skin cleared up after the three products minimally but consistently. Her breakouts appeared less pronounced, and the texture improvement felt like a real win.

Her skin was still irritated by the new products, so she began supplementing with her moisturizer. The overall brighter complexion is a plus.

Week 4

Blair was pleased with the challenge she accepted to use the proven skincare for a month. There was a significant reduction in acne scars, but small pimples popped up here and there. Overall, she achieved her goal of having radiant skin.

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