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12 Things All First-Time Travelers Should Know


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu. This statement is ideal for every first-time traveler excited and nervous because they have never flown before.

Most people on their first flight have no idea what to bring and what not to. When I talk about this, memories of my first solo trip keep pouring back. It was a wonderful experience, but it was also quite messy. It is just one example of the amateur behavior first-time travelers show. 

However, to prevent you all from repeating my mistakes, or I should say the common mistakes every first-time traveler makes, here are some tips. The next 8 minutes of reading is my experience compiled in 12 tips. 

1 – Take A Look At The Baggage Restrictions For Airlines


First-Time Travelers

Check the airline’s baggage policies before you pack all the gifts and other goods you can’t bear to leave behind. While I don’t have anything against gifts, carrying too much baggage can be expensive and a major hassle at the airport.

These items will make your bag too heavy, and taking care of them will soon stress you out. Additionally, when you go to the scale to verify the weight of your bags, the baggage handler will charge you an extra $50.

Make sure to verify your travel ticket before you pack your bag. Each person’s luggage carrying capacity is always stated. Pack wisely.

2 – Keep Copies Of All Relevant Documentation At Hand


First-Time Travelers

It is something you shouldn’t be concerned about it while traveling. Three years back, when I couldn’t find my passport at the airport, I came close to having a panic attack. I noticed my father was giving me a death gaze because he knew we had no copies.

From that point forward, my father started printing two copies of all critical documents, including the passport, airline ticket, and ID card. Though many argue that copied passport has no legal validity, many governments, such as the US government, advise travelers to keep these copies with them in case of emergencies. 

You can divide the duplicates into different bags for added security. So, you have a second bag with all the necessary paperwork; the first one is misplaced. It will be considered a smart move for a first-time traveler.

3 – Traveling Essentials


First-Time Travelers

As a first-time traveler, you may be acting out of control while shopping, but I assure you that this is a complete waste of your money. You could utilize this trick of the mind. Be sure to give something thought before putting it in a bag. If you are unsure, it is not essential.

Another option is to do this. Your customized first-time traveler checklist can be divided into three categories. The primary, secondary, and third columns are it. According to the column tag, list every item.

Next, pack the contents of your first column. Add a few items from the secondary if there is room. You’ll understand that most of them aren’t necessities, leaving you with a lighter backpack.

4 – Search All Of The Fraud Warnings


First-Time Travelers

Check out all the fraud warnings of the place you are going to visit if you don’t want to lose money. You can learn more about it by watching YouTube videos or searching about travel bloggers.

As a first-time traveler, you should be aware that people are clever and can quickly determine if you are unfamiliar with the traveling experience. You will be safer if you know all pickpocketing and selling scams in advance, the locations where they occur most frequently.

5 – Talking To The Locals


First-Time Travelers

The best information comes from locals. They can provide you with much more insight into the local culture than you would by simply talking to other travelers. 

They can advise you on which areas of the city are secure and recommend undiscovered attractions for you to discover.

The residents are usually familiar with all the shops, marketplaces, and food vendors. Locals have the potential to become your best friends once you start interacting with them. You might be able to pick up a tourist for nothing.

Be careful to respect the locals; it will go a long way.

6 – Note The Address Of The Hotel Where You Are Staying


First-Time Travelers

A crucial piece of advice for a first-time traveler is to always write down your hotel’s address. Many people talk about getting lost in a foreign city and the situation can get worse if your device runs out of battery. So, make sure you are prepared for such situations. Write the hotel address manually on paper.

When lost and asked for help, the major problem for travelers is the language barrier. The situation can get worse if you don’t even know where you are staying. By having the hotel’s name on you or clicking the hotel’s image when you check in, you can take precautions to avoid any unpleasant situations.

7 – Take A Short Stroll Before Beginning That Schedule


First-Time Travelers

Explore the area by walking if you can. Learn about and become comfortable with your environment. You can visit the restaurants where you can find the local specialties, or you can go to the hotel’s nearby park. 

It is among the best ways for first-time travelers to feel at ease in unfamiliar situations.

On your vacation, you can find activities like skydiving, paragliding, or even riding in a hot-air balloon. Do something, whether signing up for a tour when you arrive or simply taking a walk around the area. 

Gaining familiarity can help you feel less anxious or nervous. It’s all about ditching your comfort zone and taking the first step. 

8 – Make A Traveler List

First-Time Travelers

To get your mind in the correct frame, try to discover everything you can about your destination.  

Create a first-time traveler list of activities you want to do while traveling.  It will help you make a plan that you still need to be adaptable if something goes wrong.

Be willing to attempt new things because you’ll make friends and meet individuals who might ask you to tag along on occasion. 

Always keep in mind that making lasting memories is one of the main reasons you go on vacation, so do it!

9 – Getting Lost Can Be Good Sometimes

First-Time Travelers

Make time for daydreaming and wondering in your itinerary and schedule. You’ll be able to find off-the-beaten-path attractions and hidden jewels if you give yourself time and freedom to go lost.

Give yourself enough time to explore, engage in discussion, and become immersed in the environment. Many travelers claim that getting lost ultimately led them to a trip; they would have otherwise missed.

Do not worry if you get lost; the next tip will tell you exactly how you can take care of it.

10 – Find Ways To Access Free WiFi 

First-Time Travelers

No matter where you go, you should always find out where you can get free WiFi. People frequently encounter issues with their new SIM cards, making it hard to communicate with others.

When my sim card stopped working, McDon’s free WiFi saved my life by allowing me to call a taxi to take me to my hotel.

If you’re traveling to a foreign country, buying data can be expensive, so look for coffee shops or restaurants nearby that offer free WiFi.

11 – Hide Your Cash In Several Places

First-Time Travelers

Most travelers aren’t aware of the problems they can face if they don’t find ways to secure their cash. 

I suggest carrying a fake wallet filled with some cash and expired credit cards. If you are getting robbed, give it to the robber so they would believe they have taken everything. I always travel with a false wallet.

Another approach to protecting your money when traveling is to conceal cash inside of you. Avoid sneaking your money in your backpack; this will frequently be fine; it just needs to go wrong once.

12 – Take Care Of Yourself

First-Time Travelers

Even if it sometimes seems like it, life continues even when we are on vacation.  The worst possible scenario can take place is getting sick while traveling.

I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t occasionally indulge in that extra drink or eat all the delectable local cuisine, but remember to look after yourself.

Try to eat one healthy meal a day at least, remember to drink water, and give your body time to relax and repair. The most vital advice for a first-time traveler is to pack some medication in case; you get sick.

Keep snacks on hand when traveling because carrying a backpack will lead you to expend more calories than usual, and you’ll need them for energy.

Bottom Line

A first-time traveler has both excitement and stress since he is unfamiliar with the tips and techniques on how he can make his journey stress-free.

Follow the advice given above if you want to travel like an expert. It is never necessary to give off the vibe that you are a first-time traveler. There’s a chance you’ll get robbed.

Traveling for the first time is an experience you won’t get again, so make the most of it by being savvy and attentive.

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