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5 Women-Owned Baking Businesses That Are Deliciously Amazing

Women-Owned Baking Businesses - Featured Image

Considering Pakistani women’s limited participation in entrepreneurship, it’s always good to find thriving women-led businesses. Today, I introduce some of Pakistan’s best online baking business ideas. The unique thing is that women run all these baking businesses. I am sure by the end of this article; you will be motivated for starting a home baking business for yourself, so keep reading!

Some determined and passionate women are baking and selling the most delicious cakes, and I would like to shout out to them. Running their baking businesses online, elevating their work with innovative styles, and creating spectacles of artistic talents have drawn public eyes to these incredible women. Thousands of people turned to them with their wishes for sophisticated treats, which these women fulfilled and received great acclaim.

Today I will talk about some of these businesses I discovered to be hidden gems that have not been getting the attention they deserve. These women are great at what they do and could compete with the best bakers in the world with their talents. 

1 – Binge Baking By Misha

5 Women-Owned Baking Businesses

This 21-year-old from Lahore is an absolute prodigy specializing in buttercream cakes and cupcakes. She was the first to introduce Bento or Lunch box Cakes. These are small affordable cakes in adorable packages delivered with a wooden spoon. The stunning patterns on her treats are as yummy as they are Instagram-worthy. Don’t forget to try them if you are a lucky Lahore resident and send a good review too.

2 – The Little Cake Company

Women-Owned Baking Businesses

This bakery and dessert shop by Zahra Shah is the top-rated bakery in Multan, as it should be. Zahra can fulfill all sorts of requests, from gluten-free to multiple-tiered cakes, luxurious or simplistic designs, sports or favorite tv show-themed cakes, cakes for religious events, or classy weddings; she can do it all. It’s got it all, French Macarons, Brownies, Trifles, cupcakes, cookies, and more. Everything is delicious and worth those 5-star ratings. Order one of the original works for a family gathering and admire the craftsmanship of Zahra. 

3 – Mad Batter Cakes N Bakes

Women-Owned Baking Business ideas

Mad Batter is a self-taught 18-year-old Karachiite with fantastic creativity, skill, and a great sense of humor, which is displayed in each of this cake baker’s creations. The cupcakes and cakes are delicious and eye-catching. Surprise your friends by ordering a delicious cake with a hilarious quote for many laughs.

4 – The Bake Street

Women-Owned Baking Businesses

Another elite Karachiite online bakery is Bake Street, with delicious minimalistic and fancy cakes, wedding cakes, event cakes, etc. The brownies filled with love and chocolate, the two best things in the world, are to die for. The picture-perfect packaging is another added bonus to the whole experience of ordering from this bakery.

5 – The Flour Girl

Women-Owned Baking Businesses , Starting a home baking business

Brownies, cookies, cheesecakes, skillets, cinnamon rolls, tiramisu, tarts, banana bread, and drinks, Galore! Come on, and enjoy these delicacies. Anam Salman, the experimentalist, is another self-taught baker who knows what she is doing. 

Whether it’s the Peanut Butter and Nutella Cheesecake with the Snickers vibes, the raspberry, white chocolate cheesecake, the Lindy dark chocolate, and Salted Caramel Tarts, or the Levain-inspired Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies, each one is a banger! 

Once is not enough to appreciate each of these creations. Order the economy-friendly combo deals and smart choices of portion sizes. You will never tire of ordering these fantastic treats day in and day out. So hop on to it and enjoy a satisfying life.

Go and Get a Sweet Treat, RN!

These women entrepreneur bakers are paving the way for other women to follow in their lead by putting their potential to use. Besides, their bakeries constantly discover new recipes, styles, themes, flavor combos, and more. Do visit their sites and try out their baked goods for yourself. Don’t forget to leave a review to spread the word about these underrated superstars.

Also, if you are interested in knowing more about women-owned small businesses in Pakistan, click here!

Munazza Aasim, Masters in Educational Psychology also shares a passion for writing and literature. Currently residing in Karachi, Pakistan with her family, she has big dreams for her future and a vivid imagination.

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