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Resin Arc; The Mother-Daughter Duo Crafting Resin Art Pieces

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Ornaments and home decor are all the rage at the moment. Everybody wants their homes to look sophisticated and well-decorated. Another addition to this ever-evolving decor world is resin art. 

The number of authentic businesses making beautiful resin decor pieces in Pakistan is extremely limited. Today, I will introduce you to Resin Arc, a small business run by Maria and Saira, the mother-daughter duo. 

A Wide Range of Resin Art Products

Resin Arcs has a wide variety of resin art decor pieces, bookmarks, cards, and frames. These intricately crafted products are the perfect gift for people who have an eye for aesthetic interior decoration or love some pop of color in their homes.

Resin Arc

Their wedding tray is one of their most famous products, a unique creation frequently ordered by their customers. You can find the following products on their business page.

    • Pendants

    • Wedding trays

    • Wall hangings

    • Keychains

    • Resin Cards

    • Bookmarks

    • Quran Rahel

    • Frames

Customize Products for a Personalized Touch

The creative energy of Resin Arc is much needed in a society that mass produces the same decor pieces, and everyone owns the same art. The ease of customization helps people have something uniquely theirs. Their religious art is also praiseworthy. The delicate calligraphy and intricate patterns of the pigments and resin are in perfect harmony.

Gift Intricately Crafted Resin Pieces to Your Loved Ones

Resin Arc

The pieces are all unique and stand out from each other. You are, therefore, highly likely to find a unique gift in their resin art collection. Adding a personal touch to a gift makes it even more intimate; it is where you can avail of the customization option of Resin Arc. 

This artistic gift can become a focal point of the dining room or living room of your loved one for many years to come. Additionally, resin art does not deteriorate in the environment, and a simple wipe with a cleaning spray rejuvenates it. So, Resin Arc is a safe option if you ever want to give somebody a unique piece of art.

Made with Love 

All the products are carefully crafted with epoxy resin and pigments to create exotic and stunning art. Resin art is a tricky business; the effort and strategy that goes into making a single art piece is not everyone’s cup of tea. These products are also sustainable, with low production costs and no industrial waste.

Resin Arc


Maria and Saira make the best resin art pieces with all the love and care required for a stunning and delicate piece. 

Inspiring Struggling Women

One of the most commendable qualities of the brand Resin Arc is that a mother-daughter duo operates it. The story of this brand has its roots in the sheer willpower of these women who worked hard to be where they are today. Maria and Saira are running this business with their talent and perseverance. Their hard work is an inspiration for Pakistani women.

A Small Resin Art Business With Big Dreams

This small business offers many benefits you can’t usually find in a world of fast fashion and unsustainable production. Firstly, buying from the Resin Arc means you are supporting local artists. Secondly, you are supporting the community of small businesses. 

Lastly, the customer service, product quality, and packaging have a personal touch to them that will make your purchase worth it.

Shop Local With Resin Arc

Resin Arc is producing great art and fighting sexism and patriarchy by establishing itself as a successful women-owned business. Celebrate unique art and support these talented women to become a force to be reckoned with. Your custom-made order is just one click away. Shop Now!

Make sure to check other women-owned small businesses as well and leave a token of appreciation.

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