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Craving For Handmade Pottery? Try The Pastel Jade

The Pastel Jade - Featured Image

Are you designing your dream house and want to include some statement pieces? Trust me; you can never go wrong with Handmade Pottery. No matter if the vibes of your home interior are minimalistic or vibrant, you can choose the perfect accessory for your place. Handmade stuff always has a special place in my heart because it reminds me of the love and cares that an artist puts into each and every of their creation. That’s why when I first came across this online store, The Pastel Jade, I fell head over heels in love with their products.

All handmade stuff requires a lot of time and patience from artists, but nothing can compare to the delicacy of Pottery. The Pastel Jade’s Pottery isn’t an example of perfection; its abstract ideas teach you how to love imperfections. You can find many Pottery shops, but no one can do the illustrations on it as Ersala.

Ersala Yousafzai, A Female Entrepreneur From Pakistan

What if I tell you that this amazing small business is run by a female entrepreneur from Pakistan? Would you be surprised? Well, I wasn’t. Many female entrepreneurs are successfully running their small businesses, but they didn’t have as much recognition as they deserve. Let me introduce one of such talented women whose work is her identity.

Ersala Yousafzai is a professional product and graphic designer from Lahore, Pakistan. She illustrates real-life posters and pictures. While discovering her, one thing which fascinates me the most is that one of the sources of her illustrations is her dreams. Her work says a lot about her talent, and I don’t think my words are enough.

Let’s talk more about her business, The Pastel Jade, from where I discovered her and for which you all are here.

The Pastel Jade Catalog

If you want to give your space an artistic touch, you should definitely check out their pottery collection. You will find many cute products you didn’t know you needed in your life.

1 – Handmade Vases

The Pastel Jade - Handmade Pottery

These multi-purpose vases can be styled in many ways. It will add those colors to your space which has been missing for so long. You must have had vases in your house before, but are those vases as cool as these?

2 – Candle Pot

The Pastel Jade - Handmade Pottery

Eunoia, their scented candle collection, is a must-have. 2022 was all about scented candles, and you must have seen them on your Instagram often because many influencers and celebrities are endorsing them. However, the problem is that you can either get those pretty candles at high prices, or they are not pretty enough to match the aesthetic of your home interior.

But what if I told you that you could get a handmade and beautifully painted candle pot with a scented candle at a reasonable price? Well, I don’t have a magic wand, but The Pastel Jade has made it possible.

3 – Handmade Trinkets

The Pastel Jade - Handmade Pottery

Are you tired of keeping your jewelry in those transparent containers which break easily? You don’t need those when you can have these handmade trinkets. You can easily place them on the top of your drawers, and they won’t look awkward at all. Also, it can be an excellent gift for your besties as well.

4 – PaperWeight

The Pastel Jade - Handmade Pottery

When I said The Pastel Jade would make you fall in love with imperfections, here’s an example of that statement. This paperweight attracts customers due to its irregular shape. Fun fact this paperweight can hold a tiny little bud in it. Isn’t it amazing?

5 – Bun Queen For Houseplant

The Pastel Jade - Handmade Pottery

If your home interior includes houseplants and you want to make your place more artistic, then get this silly bun queen for your plants. It will be a perfect addition to your bedside table. You can also use this pot for other purposes or just for the sake of decoration.

6 – The Wallflower Collection

The Pastel Jade - Handmade Pottery

Your home is incomplete without a Black Velvet vase from their The Wallflower Collection. If you are a fan of matte black decoration pieces, then its collection has a lot of staple pieces for you.


The Pastel Jade also offers customization services, which adds a personal touch to this already beautiful handmade pottery. This small business has already received a lot of appreciation from the public. If you haven’t seen them already, you can find them on Instagram!

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