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15 Wednesday Addams Memes That Prove You Are Just Like Her

Netflix’s new series, Wednesday Addams, is breaking all the records. I am sure you have watched it by now, but if you haven’t, then what are you waiting for? Go, watch now! For all those who have watched it, let’s dig into the personality of everyone’s favorite Wednesday together and find out if she’s like every other teenage girl.

Wednesday is a powerful character, and Jenna Ortega did complete justice to this role. Miss Addams’s personality is mysterious and dark. However, you can’t deny that she has a good sense of humor. She’s undoubtedly introverted and cold blood. But her crying over the accident of Thing proves that she deep down cares about her loved ones.

After watching the show, many people think they can relate to her character. In fact, many have started adopting her traits and called their new spooky side; “Wednesday’s Personality.”

Wednesday Addams Memes

If you think the same, let’s find out how much you are like her. Read the sassy Wednesday Addams memes below and leave a comment to let me know how much of Wednesday Addams is inside you.

1 – You Have A Personality Of A Narcissist

Don’t get me wrong; there’s nothing terrible about being a narcissist. Wednesday Addams is the main character, and she has the energy of the main character as well. If you do too, you have passed the first step of “Wednesday’s Personality” test.

Wednesday Addams Memes

2 – You Always Have Your Armour On

If you are a true fan of Wednesday Addams, you must have learned from her character that you should never take anyone lightly.

Wednesday Addams Memes

3 – You Crave Drama

Liking dramatic situations is one thing, but craving it is another, and if you are Wednesday Addams, there’s nothing you love more than making anything dramatic.

Wednesday Addams Memes

4 – You Have Your Priorities Super Straight

My personal favorite trait of hers is she’s always straightforward. I mean, who said this to a guy and kissed him the next day? Oh yes, only HER!

Wednesday Addams Memes

5 – Competition Is What Keeps You Alive

Competition and challenges always give her an adrenaline rush, and make no mistake; she always wants to win.

Wednesday Addams Memes

6 – You Never Let Anyone Win In An Argument

If you are an “I keep grudges till death” type of person, you are already halfway close to becoming like Wednesday.

Wednesday Addams Memes

7 – Black Is Your Comfort Color

After coming this far, don’t tell me you have more colored clothes in your wardrobe than black. Also, on a darker note, I think Wednesday can give solid competition to Regina George in dance.

Wednesday Addams Memes

8 – You Are Always Grumpy In The Morning

Are you not a morning person? It’s not your fault. It is your default setting for being tested positive for the “Wednesday Personality” virus.

Wednesday Addams Memes

9 – You Don’t Need A Weapon; You Are A Weapon

Never take the stress. Always give it to others. It’s that simple. Isn’t it?

Wednesday Addams Memes

10 – Spookiness Is Your Second Name

So, what are you doing this Christmas? I hope not anything boring!

Wednesday Addams Memes

11 – You Always Have Savage Comebacks

If you, too, have sassy remarks to give, welcome to the Wednesday clan. Because it’s either her way or highway.

Wednesday Addams Memes

12 – You Love To Finish What You Start

Well, where’s the fun in leaving a job unfinished? Do you feel the same way?

Wednesday Addams Memes

13 – You Are An Introvert

Dear Extroverts, please leave the chat. Being introverted doesn’t mean you don’t talk at all or you are a shy person. It means you only talk to those you want to talk to. It’s that SIMPLE.

Wednesday Addams Memes

14 – You Have A Dark Humor

Well, it’s not like everyone can understand the dark side of humor. You have to be special to enter the clan.

Wednesday Addams Memes


15 – You Have High Standards

Obviously, you had to have a type!

That’s the wrap for Wednesday Addams quotes. Let me know on a scale of 1 to 15 how much spookiness of Wednesday Addams do you have in you?

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