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How to Layer in Winters? Your Ultimate Guide

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Layer in Winters – Winters are more than sipping hot chocolates and soups. We all love this cold season until it makes us the patient of cold and flu. To prevent this and enjoy the season to its fullest with chic OOTDs, you need to know the basics of how to layer for cold weather.

If you think layering clothes will make you look bulky or fat, then let me break this myth for you.

There was a time when I used to wear cardigans over cardigans to insulate my body. Although it did keep my body warm, it made me look like a fatso. It didn’t sit well with a girl like me, who is really obsessed with her outfits. 

Soon, I discovered it’s not my body shape or the clothes that make me look fat; it’s how I layer them. If you are not mindful of how to layer in winters fashionably, you can kill the vibe of each outfit, and you will never be satisfied with your winter wardrobe. 

But now, I am here to help you with this. So, no one, absolutely no one, can stop you from looking stylish in winter. Continue reading the article for some stunning layering hacks this season.

The Following Items Are Necessities For Every Girl’s Winter Wardrobe

How to Layer in Winters?

Before I start with the basics of layering, here are some essential clothing items that every girl must have in her winter/fall wardrobe. Hopefully, you will have them stacked in your wardrobe. However, if you have not, order them RN! 

1 – Thermal Garment

With every outfit you want to style, it would be your base layer. It comprises a legging and a thermal shirt to keep your body warm and cozy. 

2 – Blazers in Neutral

You can never go wrong with it. Neutral blazers can be paired with almost anything, making you look 10 out of 10. In terms of color, you can pick gray, cream, brown, black, and white, as they go with all outfits.

3 – Dark Colored Coats

It would be the outer layering that will protect you from heavy breezes or snow. In addition, these coats provide that classy and elegant look for your everyday look. So, don’t miss out on them. 

4 – Turtle Neck

These are great for almost everything. From morning walks to winter dates, you can wear a turtle neck to almost every occasion if appropriately styled.  It is my personal favorite, as it covers the neck as well. Turtle Necks are best mid layers for cold weather. 

5 – Hats and Beanies

This winter accessory is much needed as not wearing them can give you an itchy or irritated scalp. Make sure you go for the same color of hats and beanies as your boots.

6 – The Crucial Types Of Boots

Mid-calf and Over knee boots are all-time popular in winter. It will add elegance to your casual looks. Moreover, you can purchase black or beige color boots as they go well with every outfit.

Let’s Start Layering

Your friends will come to you for advice on layering up in the winter if you use the mentioned essentials to put your unique style for that trendy impression this season. Let’s get started. 

The Winter Vogue 

Grab your black turtle neck and a long brown coat for this look. Wear your black turtle neck over your thermal suit, which is the base layer, and then top it off with that coat for that polished effect.

How to Layer in Winters?

For the bottoms, you can go with ice blue-colored jeans or a black skinny fit. To complete your look, go for the mid-calf boots and a beanie that matches the color of your coat. Don’t forget your thermal socks.

Now chin up and walk down the street looking like one of the vogue magazine models.

The No Winter- Winter Look

Yes, you read that right. It is a look you can create for the early days of cold weather. Wear any oversized t-shirt on top of your base layer with regular jeans or pants.

How to Layer in Winters?

To protect your feet, layering socks in winter is always smart.

It is perfect when asked for a sassy look with minimal effort. You can begin with this idea if you do not know how to layer in winter.

The Winter Party Dress

If you have no knowledge about layering dresses in winter, follow these simple steps to create your rocking winter party outfit. Not only does it make you look modish, but it also protects you from the cold environment.

Go and pick your favorite dress from your wardrobe. Next, also grab a turtle neck that comes in contrast with it. Wear that turtleneck on top of your attire after you have put it on. For that extra glam, you can add a belt.

How to Layer in Winters?

Choose statement-making mid-calf boots, and you will be ready to steal the show at the party.

The Early Morning Winter Outfit

Ladies who believe in keeping track of their health by exercising, despite the cold temperature, here is a layering hack for you.

To begin with, throw any of your favorite hoodies on top of your thermal shirt. Now, how to layer pants for winters? For the bottoms, go with any of the trousers above the thermal ones. Under the fleece sock, put on a regular pair of socks to protect your feet. To protect your head, keep your beanie on you at all times.

How to Layer in Winters?

If you want to jog or perhaps run, you should wear sneakers. This wardrobe suggestion is tremendous when it comes to layering for cycling in winter. Happy workout!

The Two-Coat Outfit

I understand how it feels for the girls who reside in areas where the weather often falls below zero. Don’t worry; I have been there, and let me guide you toward a perfect fit for this situation.

How to Layer in Winters?

Wear any turtleneck or cashmere sweater on top of your base layer, and add a cropped coat. Then wear your puffer jacket on top of it for that extra layer. Wear your wool stocking with over-knee boats, and you are, killing it.

Since I am one of those people who can’t even control a tiny amount of cold, it is one of my favorite layering ideas in winter. I learned it while traveling to Egypt.

The Black-On-Black Look Is Killing It!

I am sure everyone out there knows the beauty of the black color. Not only does it give a trendy effect, but it also produces heat. We are specifically seeking that.

How to Layer in Winters?

To create this look, you need a black turtle neck, a long coat, and mid-calf boots. Wear them all together, and voila! You are ready to be an eye-catcher. For that extra pop, wear black sunglasses. Add leather tights for bottoms to finish the look.

The Velvety Glam

Winter without velvet does not sound right. Check out this velvet skirt outfit inspiration that I created for a party.

Go with a full sleeves t-shirt, and on top of that, wear a slit velvet dress for a boss-girl vibe. You can try over-knee boots with them and, if possible, wear them in the same color as the full-sleeve t-shirt.

How to Layer in Winters?

I remember experimenting with this look, which turned out to be a super hit. I bet it will turn out dope for you as well.

Bottom Line

Winter fashion can be a little challenging. With these layering tricks for winter, you can go anywhere without worrying about feeling cold or not looking your best. 

Spend your money on a nice thermal suit to keep your body warm and shield you from the impending cold.

Buy the necessary winter apparel when revamping your wardrobe for this winter so you can style them more easily. Another crucial point is to lean more toward neutral hues so that they will complement any base layer.

Happy winters! 

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