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Top 10 Highest-Rated Pakistani Dramas Of The Year 2022

Pakistani Dramas of the Year 2022 - Featured Image

Pakistani dramas continue to capture audiences worldwide. Viewers worldwide tend to value the characters’ reality and honesty more than anything else. Without question, during the past ten years, our dramas have advanced significantly, raising the standard for excellent writing, compelling stories, and societal themes.

Let’s look at the top 10 highest-rated Pakistani dramas released in 2022 as it is that year. These dramas received the highest ratings this year.

1 – Sang e Mah

Pakistani Dramas of the Year 2022 - Sang e Mah


Atif Aslam, Nauman Ejaz, Samiya Mumtaz, Sania Saeed, Hassan Noman, Omair Rana, Hania Amir, Zaviyar Noman, Kubra Khan, and others are the cast of Sang e Mah.

Although Atif Aslam’s presence in this drama series is unquestionably a plus, the story of Sang e Mah involves much more than just famous people. The play focuses on tribal families and their sacrifices for traditions in contemporary Pakistan. 

Hum TV aired this highest-rated drama of 2022. The novel is based on the Ghaq evil, prevalent in various areas of Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. This custom allows any male to assert his right to any unmarried lady in the community.

The plot of the series follows up after Sang e Mar Mar, which concluded in 2017. Both programs were essential in bringing to light the undesirable aspects of our culture that we frequently ignore.

2 – Sinf e Aahan

Pakistani Dramas of the Year 2022 - Sinf e Ahn


In the female-focused drama Sinf-e-Aahan, the lives of seven girls from various backgrounds are changed once they enlist in the army. Six passionate and confident women who break convention as uniformed lady cadets are the main characters of Sinf-e-Aahan.

It tells the tale of Sinf-e-Aahan, or the “Women of Steel,” to use a broad translation. Sajal Aly, Saba Hamid, Ali Rehman Khan, Ramsha Khan, and Yehali Tashiya Kalidasa are also star cast members. Sheheryar Munawar, Dananeer Mobeen, Usman Mukhtar, Asim Azhar, and Merub Ali are some actors in the cast.

All the main protagonists in the drama were powerful. Still, the emphasis on military training, the outsized role the military had in elevating these women, and the way their stories were presented had a spectacular effect on the viewers. Due to these reasons, it is among the top-rated dramas of 2022.

3 – Kesi teri Khudgarzi

Pakistani Dramas of the Year 2022 - Kesi Teri Khudgarzi


The protagonist of the drama series “Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi” is a cunning businessman who would stop at nothing to capture the heart of a girl from a middle-class household. 

The central theme of this tale is a toxic relationship, and it tells the story of a pampered child who falls in love with a middle-class girl. The girl does not like the man, but he won’t accept no as an answer. He coerces her into becoming his wife. 

One day the man comes across her and coerces her into marrying him, threatening to kill his family if she rejects. Later on, she consents to marry him. Danish Taimoor and Durefishan Saleem play the serial’s main characters. Though the toxicity portrayed in this drama is not much appraised among the audience, this drama gained much acclaim and is included in the current top-rating dramas.

4 – Parizaad

Pakistani Dramas of the Year 2022 - Parizaad


Based on the same-named novel by Hashim Nadeem, the Pakistani television series Parizaad is directed by Shahzad Kashmiri, and Momina Duraid Productions produced it. It first aired on Hum. 

Ahmed Ali Akbar, the actor who brought the famous Parizaad to life, left everyone speechless.

Parizaad was not only a terrific drama, but it was also a good conversation starter. The status of our educational system and schools, gender dysmorphia, transgender rights, and society’s preoccupation with beauty and riches were all questioned through the plot of this drama. 

5 – Mere Humsafar

Pakistani Dramas of the Year 2022 - Mere Hamsafar


The main character in Mere Humsafar, played by Hania Amir, is Hala, who is abandoned by her father and mentally tortured by his father’s brothers and their spouses.

It subsequently focuses on Hala’s love story with her cousin Hamza. The female protagonist’s journey is beautifully portrayed. The concept of love after marriage is also tenderly yet poignantly depicted in Mere Humsafar. 

Mere Humsafar was undoubtedly the Pakistani take on Cinderella, but regrettably, the villains in the tale were on steroids since Hala’s misery never ended.

6 – Mere Humnasheen

Pakistani Dramas of the Year 2022 - Mere Humnasheen


Mere Humnasheen consistently garnered favorable press during its tenure. For the first time in a very long time, viewers of Pakistani shows finally witnessed a female protagonist who had goals outside of marriage.

Since Mere Humnasheen hit the right notes and had all the right ingredients, it is simple to categorize it as one of the major serials of 2022. Although fans weren’t initially thrilled with how the Pukhtoon community was being presented, as Khajista traveled, the drama’s power stemmed from the changes in her tribe’s way of thinking.

7 – Bakhtawar

Pakistani Dramas of the Year 2022 - Bakhtawar


Yumna Zaidi plays the main character in the drama serial Bakhtawar. The real-life Farheen Ishtiaq, who dressed like a male and tried to make ends meet, served as the inspiration for the play. 

Bakhtawar, which is presently running, is one of the few dramas on our list with only ten episodes to its credit. The protagonist of the drama is what makes it so endearing. The narrative of Bakhtawar has been entirely changed by Yumna Zaidi’s performance, which is a refreshing change of pace.

An impressionable young woman who is driven to achieve in life on her own is the primary character in Bakhtawar. To do this, she makes a decision that complicates her journey and alters the plot of her tale.

8 – Fraud

Pakistani Dramas of the Year 2022 - Fraud


One of the top drama serials of 2022 is called Fraud, with Saba Qamar, Ahsan Khan, and Mikal Zulfiqar as the main characters. The plot of Fraud centers around a very important issue: how deception and fraud are committed by seducing innocent girls, particularly online. 

A drama that chronicles the lives of a lady who was duped into her first marriage and forced to make a quick decision regarding a second marriage is an intriguing part of this drama. It also displays how various people address life’s issues and worries differently. The “fraud” that eternally affects the main character, Maya’s life, is only one component of the drama.

9 – Phaans

highest-rated Pakistani Dramas of the Year 2022 - Phaans


The drama series Phaans was inspired by the genuine experience of a sexual assault survivor. The three main protagonists in the drama series are Sami Khan (or Samad), Zara Noor (aka Zeba), and Shahzad Sheikh (Sahil).

The suffering of a victim of sexual assault is chronicled in the series. The drama “Phaans” depicts a woman fighting for justice after being sexually assaulted and the family secrets that surface as a result.

10 – Hum Tum

highest rated Pakistani Dramas of the Year 2022 - Hum Tum


One of the rare comic dramas this year that offered what it promised is Hum Tum. Since the author consciously attempted to give significance to the script, it wasn’t just mindless amusement. 

In the story of Hum Tum, Adam Sultan and Neha Qutub Ud Din are neighbors and former adversaries. They have an odd relationship of being both friends and foes at the same time.

The cast was ideal; each performer seemed to take great pleasure in performing their assigned parts. Ahad Raza Mir, Ramsha Khan, Sarah Khan, Aina Asif, Anoosheh Rania Khan, Junaid Khan, and more actors are included in the cast.

Final thoughts

Without a doubt, Pakistani dramas are of sufficient quality to compete globally, notably in India. The dramas mentioned above were the top-rated dramas of 2022. Let us know in the comments which one was your favorite. 

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