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Shahkaar By Adila; One-Stop Shop for Hand-Painted Organza

Shahkaar By Adila

Shahkaar By Adila – The Fast fashion trend is expanding rapidly in the garment industry of Pakistan. The crowd chooses fashion to be cheap, trendy, and disposable.

At the moment, many laws are getting violated when it comes to garment factories. The acts of violation are the minimum wage, overtime work, and inadequate time for a break. It is what stops Pakistan’s Fashion Business from improving. But not anymore.

Keeping these acts of violation in mind, Adila Murtaza did something offbeat. Let me introduce her. She is the boss lady of the local brand Shahkaar by Adila, a librarian by the day and an artist by night.

She started her local online store of hands-on painted/printed organza outfits that too customized. I bet ladies out there would love nothing more than that. You can select a design for your dupatta, saree, or even a two-piece suit.

Not only for women but there are options for men and kids too. Shahkaar also offers customized waistcoats and square pockets to take your eastern or western look to another level. 

You can also make smaller versions of these for your children. Baby girls can get their lehenga and shararas ready.

You must now be asking how she handled the broken laws in the fashion sector. The employees working for her get paid for every piece they paint or put in the effort. 

This way, the artists work according to their orders, and it depends upon them how many spans of hours they complete their task. Hats off to Adila Murtaza for coming up with such ideas.

What Shahkaar Offers To Its Customers?

Other than customizable options, here is what Shahkar is offering to its customers. 

The Gift Box

On the occasions like Eid-ul-Fitr or Valentine’s Day, Shahkaar does something out of the box. 

It has introduced a gift box worth 10,000 pkr where you can customize your dress according to your liking, and it gets delivered to your doorstep. It comes with a matching greeting card. It contains the same print as your dress, making your event special.


Shahkaar By Adila - small business


The Shahkaar gift box doesn’t limit to any of the festivals; you can also order it for your loved ones. Girls and Ladies, share this post with your men and let them know what present you want for the next celebrations. 

There are eight gift box options from which you can select as per your own choice, and you can give a gift from yourself to yourself. From suits to matching cushion covers, Shahkaar got it all covered.

The Shahkaar Signature Sari

Before we delve further, I would like to take a moment to appreciate Adila Murtaza for adding such a masterpiece to her collection. If you are wondering what is so exclusive about this look? The answer is the elegancy of details.

I bet that having a glance at the signature Sari would make you buy one immediately for yourself.


Shahkaar By Adila - Women Owned


The handmade purple flowers with the painted lavender shadows around them steal the show. The sari’s appearance is refined by painted green leaves, which serve as the cherry on top. Any woman may pull off the traditional sari look thanks to the fabrication of the sari. 

It was one of the bestsellers in the 2022 lookbook and the main factor in Shahkaar’s increase in popularity.

Forget- me- not Sari

Such a unique name to come up with; only Adila can make it happen. As you can guess by the name, this organza sari is bound to make an everlasting impression. The ultra-sophisticated look and the hint of glint make the sari look elegant. It is known for its pure silk and non-fading color. The absolute art magic in the hands of craftsmen paints these Saari so much it looks dignified.


Shahkaar By Adila - Pakistani small business


These Saari can fit perfectly for any ceremonial occasion or the Shaadi season. It could be a tremendous gift to your loved ones as well. A great idea for wearing this organza sari can be a bridesmaid.

The Hibiscus

This flower is considered beautiful by its appearance and name as well. Imagine these flowers hand painted on your customized Saari. 

Here comes the kickstart! If the hibiscus is pink, it’s not necessary to paint your Saari with the same shade of pink as the flower. Whichever color you choose for the sari fabric will contrast with the color of the hibiscus petals. Good, huh?


Shahkaar By Adila


This Sari look comes with many busting myths that Saari is for married women only. Other rumors include that Saari is something that Indians can only wear. Adila did break all those stereotypes and came up with something entirely different.

Celebrities Wearing Shahkaar by Adila

One reason why customers trust Shahkaar is the response it receives from famous bloggers, influencers, and actresses. Here are some looks where our favorite actresses looked drop-dead gorgeous in Shahkaar’s attires. 

Sarah Khan

Sarah Khan, a well-known Lollywood diva, looks stunning in a sky-blue dress decorated with sunflowers. It’s a visual delight because of the dress’s clean style and adorable sunflowers. Look it up!


Shahkaar By Adila - Sarah Khan


Kinza Hashmi

The hibiscus-painted Sari this sparkling diva wore enhanced her elegance and gave her a chic appearance.


Shahkaar By Adila - Kinza Hashmi


Saba Qamar

She appeared in “Tumhare Husn K naam” with Imran Abbas wearing this sari. She was over-the-top lovely, and her big smile conveyed the confidence a beautiful Saari can evoke. 


Shahkaar By Adila - Saba Qamar


Komal Meer

Komal meer looks ravishing in a white hand-painted saree from Shahkaar. Her amazing photoshoot in fields is definitely a sight to behold. 


Shahkaar By Adila - Komal Meer


Last but Not Least,

Adila has come far away with her consistent hard work and dedication! She developed a fresh concept in which discriminatory laws involving worker infractions are never repeated. She assuredly surpassed all preconceived ideas about the sari while modeling for Shahkaar by Adila.

Let’s wish this queen the best of luck for further success. You can visit here page here

Also, don’t forget to check out other small businesses owned by women in Pakistan.

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