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Organic Brown Normalizing The Skincare For All Genders

Organic Brown - Skincare

Skincare is considered too feminine and is usually lumped together with beauty and makeup. The prime example of this mindset is prioritizing the “cute factor” when deciding on the packaging of skincare products. You must have seen one of those cute skincare products packed in pastel pink boxes. 

Besides, it is unlikely you would see a man in skincare ads. It’s all about WOMEN – their beauty and their skin.

I wonder how is that men face more exposure to sun and humid weather than women but still, we don’t expect them to worry about their skin. We all have skin, so why do men feel ashamed and are called out for caring about their physical appearance, but women are encouraged? 

It’s high time we educate our nation that “guys doing skincare” is not synonymous with “churian pehn kar ghr mein beth jana”.

It’s okay for men to worry about their appearance. It’s okay for men to care for their skin. It’s okay for men to want to look pretty. We all talk about feminism, but a few talk about gender equality, and even fewer actually do something to bridge the gap created by gender stigmas.

Organic Brown – Gender Neutral Skincare Range

And today, I would like to give a shout-out to Organic Brown for taking the first step in the long and tiring process of breaking the stigma of masculinity in Pakistan. Laraib Rahim is out there, challenging gender norms and normalizing the concept of “Skincare For All Genders.” 


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I must say, I was shocked when I saw the pre-launch campaign of her brand. The fact that Laraib is doing such campaigns and introducing such concepts in the stigma-stricken society of Pakistan is ingenious. 

Besides, the thoughtful choice of the color palette and the name of her brand is also praise-worthy. It is high time we address the “Gora complex” nurturing in the minds of our gullible public. It’s normal to have tan and textured skin. Skincare shouldn’t revolve around brightening your skin color. It’s primarily about taking care of the health of your skin. 

Currently, Organic Brown is offering three premium skincare products.

1 – Bamboo Charcoal Clay Mask

2 – Gel Cleanser

3 – Infinite Glow Serum

The ingredients for these products are obtained from quality resources, which ensure undeniable performance. Not only is their packaging eco-friendly, but the pigments they use are sourced naturally from fruits, vegetables, and herbs. 

All these quality products are tested according to strict laboratory protocols and proven safe and sustainable. 

We all have heard the wise advice of prioritizing quality over quantity. But, in real life, who would dare to start their own brand or skincare line with just three products? Well! Laraib did. It is laudable how she has developed a brand identity in a few months by offering just three products.

Here is the difference. We see – Organic Brown with nearly 36k followers and a fairly large number of satisfied customers. What we don’t notice is – the two years of hard work behind the launch of Organic Brown, the Instagram journey of Lariab from 2018 to date, and the keenness and detail-oriented nature of her concepts. Also, her self-reliance that is making her brand stand out among others. 

Therefore, among all the content creators and influencers who are launching their business lines, I believe Lariab Rahim is one of the most commendable.

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A Premium Gift Box For The Men In Your Life

Organic Brown Skincare - Premium Box -  best skincare products in Pakistan


Whether you are a man who understands the importance of skincare and is willing to fight to break this stigma, or you are a woman who wants to normalize skincare for the men in her life, the premium gift box from Organic Brown is a perfect idea. 

It includes all three products, and the packaging is swoon-worthy. When we hear a brand offering eco-friendly packaging, we don’t expect pretty packaging. However, here Lariab is breaking another stereotype by offering luxurious eco-friendly packaging. 

So, it’s pretty simple—no need to counsel men to become vocal about their skincare problems. Just get them the premium gift box, and they will realize what they are missing. 

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