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This Season’s Influencers’ Weddings That Left Netizens Awed

Influencers’ Weddings - Featured Image

The wedding season is in full swing. Do you know what the best part about this wedding season is? Some of our absolute favorite influencers got hitched, and I believe, just like me, your Instagram Explore is also brimming with swoon-worthy pictures. 

Let’s have a look at the wedding events of our favorite influencers that are taking the internet by storm. 

Dr. Warisha Javed Khan, aka Warisha. jk

There is no way you haven’t seen Warisha’s regal wedding shoots. She married Azlan Shah, the famous animal enthusiast, and their photoshoot with Malka (the elephant) made their wedding even more special.


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The couple introduced a new event, which isn’t usually celebrated during Pakistani weddings – Mehndi Lagayi and I think this will soon become the new trend, keeping in view how much netizens loved it. 


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Azlan and Warisha also shared a throwback to the start of their relationship and recreated an old picture. Azlan also advised the young boys never to miss dental appointments, and netizens love the backstory.


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Dr. Syeda Urooj Fatima, aka by.rooj

Urooj, the famous blogger and owner of SerendipitybyRooj, also got married recently. The fun part about her wedding was how she kept it a secret until the last moment. Without any prior announcements, we suddenly saw a bridal shower reel on her account, and after a few days, she was married. 

Her wedding events got much praise, from her bridal shower and dholki to her fun nikkah event. Also, the first reaction of the bride and groom went super viral. They say happy brides are the pretties brides, and Urooj is a living example of this saying. 


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Also, her Baraat photoshoot gave such regal vibes; it seemed we were watching a queen at her coronation ceremony. 


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Zahra Sarfraz 

The founder of Pakistan’s first styling agency, Zahra Sarfraz, also got married, and her wedding shoots were screaming ROYALTY. It seemed like her extensive experience with the fashion industry helped her make her bid day memorable. 

The “Dream Finale” to #Salza (Salik and Zahra) wedding also seemed surreal. We have always seen brides in high buns and full glam makeup. However, Zahra challenged the conventions and went for a minimal look for her Valima, and Netizens are in love with it. 


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Humna Zahid aka Samosiii 

We all know Samosi for her brilliant makeup skills. She recently got nikkahfied and turned out to be the prettiest bride ever. From her sarcastic captions to the funky couple hashtag, her wedding was in perfect alignment with her amusing personality. 


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Maryam Noor Shiekh

From musical night to Haldi, mehndi, and many more, Maryam’s wedding was indeed one of the craziest weddings of the season. There was traditional touch to ger events, all-white for Nikkah, bright tones for Mehndi, and the mandatory red lehnga on Barat. 

Most modern brides don’t opt for red in their Barat because they think it’s too mainstream. However, Maryam pulled it off quite well. What do you think? 


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With all the guests, groom, and bride wearing sunglasses, the Vlaima portraits also turned out to be dope.


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