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14 Games To Play With Friends/Family When Bored

Games To Play With Friends/Family - Featured Image

Games To Play With Friends/Family – It seems like a few months ago, the whole world shut down, and we were forced to spend our time indoors. One of the good things during that difficult and boring time was when the family and friends got to spend time together and grew closer to each other.

It was such a good feeling, but we lost it as soon as the world was declared safe again. So let’s bring back that feeling. Let’s try to hold a game night every month or so when family and friends come together and choose to play games.

Preparing a list of games you can play with your family at home is not easy. If you’re having trouble making a list, I am here to give you a couple of ideas.

Games To Play With Friends/Family

These are some of the most popular games to play with friends or family at home. So keep those gadgets away cause we are going retro style.

 1 – The All-time Favorite Ludo Board Game

Here is one of the most popular games out there and one that is religiously played in Asia. You can almost always find this board game in every house. This game is the essence of our childhood. 

The game allows up to 4 players, each having 4 tokens of a color which are moved by numbers on the die. 

It brings out your competitive streak as you try and navigate your tokens safely around the board while trying to take down your opponent’s tokens and sending them back to the yard and delaying their chances to win. This board game always manages to make it fun and is my number 1 recommendation if you’re playing in a small group.

 2 – Test Your Luck With Snakes & Ladders

It is usually found on the opposite side of the Ludo board game. This game is an easy and quick game for as many people as there are different tokens. One of the best family games to play indoors, this game is a lot of fun, inducing excitement, frustration, and resentment.

Rolling the dice, you are supposed to make it to the top. Beware those snakes, though; they will drop you down several levels in the game! While the ladders will elevate you. The highs and lows are one of the best parts of the game. So play this to have a great time, and “may the odds be ever in your favor.”

 3 – The All-time Favorite Monopoly


Games To Play With Friends/Family When Bored

One of the most popular games to play with friends at home, Monopoly is enjoyed all over the world. The board game dealing with the economy can be enjoyed by many people who get to choose from different tokens such as the horse rider, shoe, top hat, etc.

You start with some money, which you use to buy, rent and develop properties on the game. You will add and lose money while you make the rounds, and the goal is to have more money by the end of the game. The game is a bit complicated. 

 4 – Be A Detective For A Day With Cluedo

Do you love a good mystery like me? Do you dream of being a detective? If you do, then this game will take you on a ride. A game for a small group of friends, this game has stumped quite a few clever people. Let’s see if you have what it takes to win this game.

You all are suspects in the murder, and now you have to gather the clues to find out which one of you actually committed the murder. Hop on to it. The game is afoot!

 5 – Bring Out Your Inner Nerd With Dungeons & Dragons

This game is a hit or miss for most people. While some tend not to like it too much, others treat it religiously. A fantasy, magical, warfare adventure with unexpected twists and turns – this game is a fun board game to play with friends at home while you construct fantastical magic lands filled with witchcraft and wizardry.

You get to choose your character, power, or weapon. Joining your friends, you embark on an epic quest to enhance your experience and defeat powerful foes. One of your friends narrates the story, while 4-6 friends can team up to embark on the journey. 

This game is a battle for survival, as you can lose limbs, burn to death, or be killed by acid. Watch out for every turn of the road and try to survive the vicious creatures around you. 

I am in love with this game and am proud to include myself among the community of nerds in the world who love this game. Be a part of our forums on social media, where we talk about this fun board game.

 6 – Uno, The Number One Card Game


Games To Play With Friends/Family When Bored

Uno, one of the most played card games in Asian countries, is an easy and addicting game played with a unique colorful deck. You can also play the game with a standard deck of cards by allotting the special actions of the Uno cards to the special cards of the standard deck.

The goal is to deplete the cards in your hand; when you are down to one card, yell out UNO! to win the game.

 7 – Prepare Yourselves For A Scavenger Hunt, Me Mateys, Arrgh!

Parents should prepare a clever scavenger hunt for their children and their friends. It is a fun little activity that improves their problem-solving and mental ability. Introduce different elements to a game that will test the players’ limits to find the hidden treasure. The whole world’s your playground so take it outside for a more fun experience. Happy hunting!

 8 – The Old Classic Carrom

Bring that old Carrom board out from the storage, and let’s put it to use this family game night. Test your hand-to-eye coordination and brush up on your skills. It is a traditional family game with a rich history spanning generations.

The game has 19 disks of black and white and one red, as well as a striker that has to be flicked from a part of the board to hit the other disks and pot them in the hole. Along with provoking you to employ focus, strategy, and skills, this game has numerous benefits for your physical and mental well-being while being an enjoyable indoor game for family gatherings.

 9 – Let’s Plan A Bingo Night

Gather all the adults and the elderly for a fun bingo night at a family gathering. Setup your backyard and do some outdoor decor to create the vibe. Keep some interesting prizes for who wins the game, perhaps family vacation tickets? The game of luck brings out the inner children of these adults as they compete to win prizes.

Everyone gets different cards of random numbers in 25 boxes; random numbers are called out, and the one with the number marks it off their box. A person needs to mark 5 boxes horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to mark out entire rows and columns 5 times to yell out BINGO! And win the game.

10 – The Big Brainers, Chess & Checkers

The big Brainers, chess & checkers are classic board games enjoyed worldwide. Every big institution always seems to have clubs where they spend their time testing and honing their skills by competing with other players. These games also have tournaments all to themselves with big prizes. 

Chess and checkers seem to have their vibe. Wise people make friends by playing these games. Chess has a much more complicated gameplay than checkers, with certain tokens only able to move in specific directions. These are the perfect family games to play outside, surrounded by peace and serenity in nature.

11 – Scrabble, The Vocabulary Game

Who doesn’t know this extremely popular board game? The goal is to make words using 7 alphabet tiles you randomly pick out. The following person attaches another word to the word you created using one of your letter tiles. Some letters are highly scored than others, and some boxes on the board also increase your points too.

So have fun with this family game for kids. Help them learn bigger, newer, and better words and ensure they follow the game’s rules. Keep an eye out for any cheaters and stray hands reaching for extra tiles, and that scoring is done honestly and justly.

12 – Brush Up On Your Drawing Skills For Pictionary

Another fun family or friend indoor game that doesn’t require anything too special. The game can be played by any amount of people broken down into teams. The goal is to draw a picture while people have to guess what it is in a given amount of time. The team with the most correct guesses wins the game.

13 – Guess The Word Before The Man is Hanged!

Another fun game to play with family at home without anything. The stakes are high as you are supposed to guess the letters of a word or phrase correctly before your wrong guesses result in the hanging of a person.

It is a game for any amount of people; you can pair them up in teams. Add to the difficulty however you like; famous movie quotes or cities unheard of etc. Turn those cogs in your brain and exercise those muscles to win and earn bragging rights.

 14 – How about a lil old Name, Place, Animal, Thing

This great pastime is extremely fun to play with a large number of friends. This game doesn’t require anything except a pen and paper.

A person randomly picks an alphabet that everybody must use as the first letter to write a name, a place, an animal, or a thing. You may add other categories, too, if you wish. The first one to finish gives the other 10 seconds. The words are tallied, and if two people have written the same name, 5 points are given rather than 10. Beware the letter X in the game!

Bottom Line

These were among some of the most popular games to play with family/friends at home when bored. Include these in your list to have the best time with your friends and family. Let’s make it a habit of having such fun, healthy activities in our lives.

Munazza Aasim, Masters in Educational Psychology also shares a passion for writing and literature. Currently residing in Karachi, Pakistan with her family, she has big dreams for her future and a vivid imagination.

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