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11 Desi Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas For This Wedding Season

Desi Wedding Guest Outfit

Do you have a desi wedding to attend but don’t know what to wear? Well, no worries because I have got your back. My dear desi ladies, everyone passes through this phase at least once in their life. 

Choosing desi wedding guest dresses in itself is a challenging task. It gets even trickier when you don’t just have to choose a dress for only one day. Desi weddings consist of numerous events such as mehndi, dholki, sangeet, Mayon, Barat, and reception, which means if you are invited to a desi wedding, it won’t end anytime soon. So, you better get prepared.

You need variation in everything, whether it’s a dress, look, makeup or jewelry. So, here I have gathered some eye-captivating guest wedding outfit ideas for you. So, this wedding season, trust my opinion, and I will make sure you won’t regret it.   

1 – The Regal Lehenga Outfit

Is that even an option? Lehenga is like a heart of desi wedding outfits. My favorite go-to choice, one could never go wrong with Lehenga. To create an exquisite sparkling look, go with a heavily embellished lehenga and choli. Pair it with matching earrings, matha Patti or tikka, and some pretty bangles. 

These days pastels are so in; if you want to pull the light yet elegant look, go for it. You could also go for velvet and Jamawar lehengas, considering the weather. 

The choli of the Lehenga can change your whole look. If you think everyone will wear a lehenga choli and want to stand out among the guests, be creative with the blouse.

A short or long blouse is always an option. You can go for a fancy blouse while keeping your lehenga simple. Style it with matching jewelry, and don’t forget to add a tikka to your jewelry.

Moreover, you can also try other styles, such as the short jacket style choil.

If you want to pull a regal and elegant look at a desi wedding, style lehenga with long gowns; it gives a perfect royal look.

2 – The Exquisite Sharara Outfit

When discussing desi wedding outfit ideas, it is impossible not to mention Sharara. The best thing is that Sharara has been in fashion for centuries and is still in trend. Style your Sharara with a knee-length fancy kameez and net dupatta; it can make anyone drool. 

Choosing bright colors like yellow, green, and orange could become a perfect outfit for dholki, Mehendi, and  Mayon.

To make your Sharara look fancy, go for embroidery over the borders, and you can also add matching sheesha work on the shirt for a chic look. 

3 – The Perfectly-Embellished Peplum Kurti

You can style a peplum Kurti in many different ways. If you want to create a dazzling Rajasthani look, style it with a Lehenga. The peplum Kurti with a contrasting or same-colored lehenga will give a new look to your wedding outfit. The length of Kurti can be different, depending on your personal style.

If you want to keep peplum Kurti looking simple yet fancy, style it with straight paints, bell bottoms, and Sharara. I can guarantee it would be the perfect casual wedding outfit for female guests. And most importantly, you could wear it at any event.

4 – The Elegant Saree 


I can only bring myself to move forward if I mention saree as wedding inspo. A saree would give a magnificent look even if you keep it simple. Have you ever looked at those plain chiffon and silk sarees? They look like the perfect wedding outfit for women of every age group. You can rock this elegant look with good eye makeup and subtle jewelry.

To make your saree fancy get an embellished blouse that is embroidered on arms, borders, and neckline while keeping the lower part simple, and as for jewelry, just go with earrings. Keeping the lower part of the saree simple and jewelry limited would not distract the whole look.

5 – The Simple Shalwar Kameez Outfit

A shalwar kameez is a very versatile desi outfit. The color coordination should be light for the shalwar, while for the kameez, go with full embroidery or stone embellishment.  

Another way is styling your shalwar kameez outfit with a net dupatta with hand-embroidery work on it. 

There are two rules to pull this look, keep it simple and let the embroidery and colors show their magic. It could be a great wedding outfit idea for guests who want to keep it casual.

6 – The Slit Gown Outfit

Slit Gowns are a great option for creating both a desi and a modern look. Wearing fully embroidered gowns with inner shirts and straight pants is an excellent pick. The gown’s open front slit enhances your appearance and gives you a graceful look.

Earrings can be an attractive choice for accessorizing gown dresses if you are confused about the right choice of jewelry. Skip the necklace and focus on which earrings, tikka, and minimal bracelets.

7 – The Anarkali Outfit, aka Peshwas


The Anarkali frock is a trendy desi wedding outfit. It has been in trend for years, but still, it can make one look appealing and stand out from the crowd. It is the desi girls’ traditional go-to wedding outfit. 

The frock drops to the base of your heels and touches the floor with its flares, giving you a stunning look. Anarkali style is timeless, and if you style it with fancy jewelry, high heels, and glamorous makeup, you will surely look gorgeous. 

Wear prominent jewelry like heavy earrings and chokers if your dress is simple. So, this wedding season, attend at least one wedding with a long Anarkali layered frock to make heads turn.

8 – The Mandatory Maxi Outfit


If you got a reception invitation but could not find a suitable dress for the event, go for a maxi. You must be thinking that’s too basic. Well! It’s never out of trend, and with the right styling, you can turn this basic design into an elegant outfit. 

I suggest you go with a long, full-length maxi. The maxi is perfect for a reception wedding guest, and you don’t need to do much.  Choose a net in pastel colors like violet, blue, or grey and get it embroidered, or if you want to keep it minimalist, then there is no need for it. 

This long maxi with matching jewelry will make you look like a desi princess. Wear minimal jewelry if your maxi is fully embellished.

9 – The Cozy Velvet Dresses

Most of the desi weddings happen in winter. So, go with velvet dresses if you want to make a regal, fancy impression while staying warm.

Now there are a million ways to bring velvet according to your style. The first option is a simple velvet outfit like a black statement shalwar kameez. Get zari embroidery work done on the neckline, sleeves, or shalwar.

Choose a lightweight material such as a net if you want to carry a dupatta. So, your velvet dress remains prominent. Though velvet looks fancy on its own, if you think it looks too simple, you can pull it off with gold jewelry and light makeup.

Another way to use velvet for you is fully embroidered shawls. It is the fanciest and most casual wedding outfit for female guests. Wear it with a simple frock, and it will look amazing. 

10 – The Chic Black Outfit

We live in the 21st century, but I still hear people saying, “Oh, don’t wear black to a wedding; it’s bad luck.” If you also love black color and enjoy challenging the conventions, it is high time you go for a black outfit. 

Make an impression with a black Lehenga. Only black will look too plain for a desi wedding, so I have inspirations for you. Get plain black clothe and go for multicolored embroidery. When your Lehenga is ready, match your jewelry with it. It would be the perfect outfit for Mehendi.

11 – The Elegant White Outfit


Nothing is better than a simple white dress for a nikkah event. Now there are different ways to use this color. But sometimes, pulling white outfits with style can be challenging. 

You can wear an embroidered white shirt with a natural glam makeup and minimal jewelry. Also, you can go for a full embroidered frock with a plain net dupatta. Wear this dress with high heels and a sophisticated statement jewelry set. Trust me, it is undoubtedly the perfect attire for a formal occasion.

Wrapping It Up

Desi weddings are about customs, ethnicity, glam, and dressing up. But deciding what to wear can be challenging. You should enjoy every occasion and event to its fullest. It could only happen if you feel confident in what you are wearing. 

I have penned down some best wedding attire for female guests in this article. These wedding outfit ideas will help you decide what to wear to winter or summer weddings. Make sure you select the right option because your comfort is most important.

These elegant desi attire ideas adorned with sparkly accessories and a perfect makeup palette are ideal for desi wedding guests. 

Also, which one of these was your favorite? And what are you recreating for the next event? 

Jaisha Sohail is a literature student, who stepped into the writing profession accidentally and ended up loving it, an attribute also applicable to her degree. You can effortlessly lure her into kidnapping by offering her coffee or collectible editions of classic novels. A student by day and writer by night, her spare time is usually spent baking or dreaming about owning a cute cafe (as a barista).

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