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A Beginner’s Guide To Ideal Korean Skincare Routine 2023

Korean Skincare Routine 2023

Korean skincare has taken over TikTok, and everyone is trying it. Although the Korean skincare routine, which consists of ten steps, may appear to be a mini-arm workout, it will give you the hydrated, bright, and plump skin of your dreams.

I can still clearly recall my initial obsession with trying a Korean skincare regimen. After just two weeks of application, my skin could already tell the difference. When I got rid of my insecurity, which was the acne scars, I felt more like myself.

Sadly, there were too many steps for me to follow consistently. As a beginner, it might be difficult for you to know the exact Korean skincare routine. Here I have made it easy for you. I have compiled AM, PM, and weekly skincare routines, so you can effortlessly keep up with them.

Day Time Korean Skincare Routine

Your morning skincare routine protects your skin from harmful UV rays, grime, and air pollution that you face when you step out of your house. The AM Korean skincare routine is what you need to help with the above skin concerns.

1 – Let’s Begin With The Cleanser

Korean Skincare Routine

Though dry-skinned people can omit this step, it’s a must-have for people with oily skin. Cleansers can remove the natural oil from the skin, which is not a pleasant way to start the day for people having dry skin. If you are one of them, you can start your skincare with a quick splash of cold water to refresh your skin and carry on with the rest of the process.

People with oily skin need to use a gentle cleanser to remove pollutants from their skin in the morning. They cannot miss the step because if they do, the oil will tend to clog their pores and causes blackheads and whiteheads. It generally affects the skin near the nose and chin region.

Spend 30 to 60 seconds massaging your face with the cleanser for better effects. It is one of the tricks used in the Korean skincare regime.

2 – The Goodness Of Toners

Korean Skincare Routine

Toners are crucial in Korean skincare because they prime the skin for subsequent processes. Have you ever heard you should apply skin care products on damp skin? I hope this hint predicts what we are getting into.

Toners with a watery base and substances like green tea, niacinamide, or rice water extract are perfect for people with oily skin.

These toners will penetrate your skin without giving it a moist feeling. They are supposed to have a liquid-like structure.

People with dry skin may choose toners that are milky in texture. If you have dry skin, look for toners with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, vitamin E, and chamomile.

3 – Now Comes The Time For Essence

Korean Skincare Routine

It is a skincare product that is used in between toners and serums. The texture of the essence is neither sticky nor liquid, like serums or toners. It falls somewhere in the middle.

The main focus of a Korean skincare regimen is maintaining skin hydration. One of the main ingredients, in essence, is a botanical plant extract that leaves your skin glossy and bouncy. It is suitable for all skin types.

4 – Let’s Move On To Serums

Korean Skincare Routine

Before moving to the end of your AM Korean skincare routine, use a serum. Serums are water-based or thick fluids that are made to combat a particular skin condition. They do not moisturize your skin, but they help retain moisture.

There are countless serums on the market, and in Korean skincare, two to three serums are used at once. 

Vitamin C is an option that will shield you from UV ray damage which is the primary cause of hyperpigmentation leading to skin cancer. The hyaluronic serum is another option if you want your skin to have some bounce. These two are excellent choices for the day.

5 – Open Up Your Moisturizers

Korean Skincare Routine

The second-to-last step in the Korean skincare regimen for the day is a moisturizer, which is a thick cream. We can seal the advantages of toners, essences, and serums with a layer of moisturizer. Avoid skipping the moisturizer since it might cause dry, uneven skin.

Moisturizers are necessary for those with oily skin because the lack of moisture you provide will cause your skin to create more oil than usual.

Water-based moisturizers are a fantastic choice for all skin types. Go for cream-based products if you have dry skin.

6 – Lock The AM Skincare Routine With Sunscreen

Korean Skincare Routine

Don’t skip this step in your life at all. The whole point of skincare is pointless if you do not use sunscreen. It protects you from the damaging effects of the sun’s deadly rays.

The clear signs of aging can be reduced using this skincare method. For optimal protection, you should reapply sunscreen every two hours.

Night-time Skincare Routine

The purpose of your PM skincare routine is to rejuvenate your skin while you sleep. You only need to add one more step before carrying out the same procedure.

1 – Use An Oil-based Cleanser

Korean Skincare Routine

Because it is used to remove all types of makeup and the layers of SPF that are present on your skin, oil-based facewash is a must-have in PM Korean skincare regimens. 

For at least 2 to 3 minutes, massage your skin with one or two pumps of your favorite oil cleanser. Your entire makeup, including your waterproof mascara, will melt away.

Use it to dissolve any lingering SPF on your face if you are not wearing makeup. Oil cleansers can work for all skin types. To get skin free of makeup and grime, do a second cleanse using the cleanser you used in the morning.

After that, you can use the same essence, toners, and moisturizers you did in the AM skincare routine. You can use a different toner in your night skincare routine if dealing with any specific skin issue. 

Weekly Skincare Routine

Here are two Korean skincare essentials that you must use once a week. 

1 – Exfoliation

Korean Skincare Routine

Physical and chemical exfoliation is the two different forms of Korean skincare. Body brushes, loofahs, and cleansing scrubs are all frequent physical exfoliators.

The accessibility of manual exfoliation is its main benefit. You only need a DIY scrub or a muslin washcloth to complete this task at home. Additionally, it provides fast outcomes.

If carried out improperly, chemical exfoliation can irritate the skin similarly to physical exfoliation. However, it is the most effective technique to remove debris and excess oil from your skin without hard rubbing.

Common physical exfoliants include retinoids, BHAS, and AHAS.

2 – Sheet Masks

Korean Skincare Routine

You lose moisture from your skin after spending hours in the sun and being exposed to pollution. Sheet masks can help in this situation.

Sheet masks are often composed of thin cloth sheets. The material envelops your face, with only holes for your eyes, mouth, and nose.

They are submerged in serums that include substances designed to cling to the skin rather than be washed away. There are numerous advantages to using sheet masks. The formula of the specific mask you’re using will determine everything.

Some of the most common benefits are hydrating skin, smoothing and softening, balancing skin tone, and enhancing radiance.

To Sum Up

Korean skincare has a lot to offer. You might come up with another article/post with a new step/product and think I didn’t do a good job demystifying the Korean skincare secret. Well! The truth is the more you research, the more steps/products you will find. 

What I described in this article are the most basic steps of the Korean skincare routine that beginners can easily keep up with. It is not necessary to use every Korean skincare product. You just need to find out what suits you the best.

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