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13 Items You All Need From Maskan Handmade Furniture

Maskan Handmade Furniture

We spend our whole life making money to build a home that brings us peace. From architecture to interior, we want everything to be perfect. When it comes to decorating the interior, the options are diverse and confusing at the same time. You have to think, research, and reject a few options before making the right decision.

Though numerous furniture items and interior designs are dominating the market, one thing that has maintained its prestige is handmade furniture. They are always in trend. One could never go wrong with Handmade furniture.

So, if you are also one of those minimalists who loves rustic handmade furniture, then you are at the right place. Today I will tell you all you need to know about Pakistan’s largest online handmade furniture platform, Maskan. Maskan is a Pakistani-based brand introducing innovativeness in the centuries-old tradition of handcrafted furniture.  

Why Maskan?

They are famous for producing bespoke handmade furniture for commercial and residential clients. Maskan’s pieces have a refreshing impact on the environment and consumers. With sustaining relationships and a fair wage commitment, Maskan makes handmade furniture that you would love to buy.

They have a versatile collection that ranges from rugs to handmade outdoor furniture. Everything is handmade by the Maskan expert team that shares a passion for making furniture with love and care.

When it comes to finding Maskan’s top pick, there are many articles I can’t get enough of. The whole Maskan furniture line is worth-obsessing over. It was such a hard decision to choose a few best items from their handmade furniture collection because all pieces speak their worth. After much consideration, top items are picked based on quality and reviews.

List of 13 Items You Would Instantly Fall in Love With

13 – Wooden And Rattan Planter

Wooden and Rattan Planter

If you are a plant enthusiast who loves decorating your home with plants and indoor greenery, then you are in a perfect place. Maskan has a beautiful collection of planters. Even if you are not a fan of indoor greenery, these planters will make you become one.

It was quite a task to pick one favorite. This Wooden Rattan planter is beautiful and looks trendy and sturdy. These beautiful planters are originally crafted with Rattan. The wooden legs are another thoughtful addition. It is available in 24″ & 30″ sizes. You can choose any size according to your need.

This planter has such a striking look that it will match any décor theme and is the perfect chance to show off a plant you’ve been growing in your garden for a while. You can also put artificial plants; it all depends on your preference.

Here is another suggestion for you. Put this planter in the corner of the living room, where it is visible but not in a way. Wooden and Rattan plants would be an excellent addition to the vibe of your living room.

12 – Circle Hanging Planters

Circle Hanging Planters

Let your love for greenery shine with all its glitz and glamor on your home walls. This Circle hanging planter by Maskan is a perfect way to add a small spot of greenery to your wall. This prosperous brown wooden hanging planter will add both earthy and dotted textures. 

This Maskan hanging planter balances an aged finish with a modern and traditional touch to yield a timeless piece that you can use indoors or out for years to come. The item is detail-oriented, and the seamless finishing is evidence of expert craftsmanship.

It has an adjustable rope to hang over nails or a hook. It is a small yet incredible addition to your home decor. You can hang it in the living room, near the window, kitchen, and office. Its hanging planter has perfect style and texture, so it will look incredible no matter how you décor it.   

11 – Three-Tier Cane Basket

Three-Tier Cane Basket

Did you scroll the Maskan cane basket section but couldn’t find a single basket to add to the cart? Well! It’s hard to believe. Even while making a list of the best items, it was such a difficult decision to choose one. So, here are two options for you. They are not just beautifully crafted, but the material used in the making is also top-notch.

Baskets are usually something that is always tucked away. They are taken out when you have to put something in them. But the Maskan cane basket can be perfectly flaunted as a décor item.   

10 – Round Cane Basket

Round Cane Basket

If you are looking for a simple and stylish cane basket, here is another article. We are just in love with this 17 cm long and 15 cm diameter round basket. Its natural base keeps it standing, so you don’t need any support.

You can put it in the corner of the room as decoration art and can also use it to store stuff like cushions, toys, and many more. This Maskan cane basket gives your home a sophisticated yet modern touch.

09 – Grand Cane Chair

Grand Cane Chair

As the name suggests, it is something grand and majestic. Maskan has a variety of handmade chairs available. Every single of them is exceptionally classic in its own way. All chairs are brilliantly crafted, whether a Papasan chair, starfish, or cane flower chair.

Just looking at these chairs gives us splendid rustic outdoor décor ideas. You can use them both outdoors and indoors. For instance, look at this Grand cane chair by Maskan. This trendy grand cane chair is readily available at Maskan.  

The handmade statement piece features durable Rattan and cane base with a vibrant texture. The iconic lounge chair is the perfect modern accent for your 

home. Its immense size makes it look all regal vibes. 

Its seat is so comfortable that it offers relaxation for hours. It is grand and tall, and the curved backrest encourages one to sit in a good posture. Maskan has a fantastic team of craftsmen whose experience is visible in their work. It is a handmade chair, but you could not find a single mistake.

Every detail and stroke of this grand chair is visible. Imagine having this regal chair in your living room and yard. Wouldn’t it be fantastic?

08 – Rattan Lantern

Rattan Lantern

When I said there are various handmade products, I meant it. Here Maskan is seen focusing on both craftsmanship and technology in their lanterns.

This incredibly woven rattan lantern could light up your whole space. It is a well-appointed lantern at a very economical price. All the money is for its simplicity than lighting modes. 

The design is decidedly basic yet notable. You can hang it on the wall, and it can also stand on its own.

07 – Rattan Petal Shade Light

Rattan Petal Shade Light

Did you ever have that pleasant overwhelming feeling when there is a lot of good stuff, and you want to buy everything? This is how one feels when one gets to the Maskan light section. It is remarkably packed with a versatile collection of handmade lights. Every single light has its particular style and specs.

The one I am going to discuss here is the Rattan petal shade light. This wooden light has a very unique and modern style. Rattan Petal Shade Light is our top pick if you’re looking for light primarily for ambiance with a stylish yet classic design.

06 – Line Lamp

Line Lamp

A good lamp can transform the dimmest corner of a room if placed in the right spot. Here is the best Maskan lamp, known as Line Lamp. 

It is a thoughtfully constructed side table lamp with details of rattan weaving. The lamp also proved more stable than other cantilevered designs tried by customers.

You can put it in your living room, bedroom, or office, to light up the corners with an ambient glow. The line lamp has a classic traditional touch with good lighting that keeps the room lit.

05 – Arc Upsize Mirror

Arc Upsize Mirror

This full-length mirror would change your room’s ambiance altogether. Nowadays, having a full-length mirror is quite a trend; you get a better look at yourself, capture your entire body, and complement the overall aesthetic. If you are looking for large minimalist mirrors, here is a perfect option that serves its purpose and is also a décor item.

This rattan upsize mirror comes with shatterproof glass. You can stand it with the wall, and it has a significant impact on the space.

Moreover, some hanging mirrors are also available on Maskan, each with its unique style.

04 – Hanging Chair (Swing)

Hanging Chair (Swing)

Hanging chairs gives more relaxing vibes than any ordinary chair, just like this hanging chair from Maskan offers a comfortable embrace. The swing’s gentle rocking motion will make you want to sit on it all day.

This Maskan swing chair features a sturdy egg shape seat woven from synthetic Rattan. If you are looking for a smooth and deep cushion seat, your hunt ends here because this chair has the deepest and most comfortable seat one could find in the market.

The overall dimensions are 38 inches wide and 45 inches high. You can also hang it with the built-in hook.  

03 – Rattan Coffee Table

Rattan Coffee Table

A good coffee table is all you need in your home, and Maskan offers you just that. You can put this table anywhere in the living room, bedroom, garden, etc. Another thing I love about these coffee tables is their size and quality. They can last for years and easily be moved from one place to another.

These tables are so beautiful and captivating that it will make you want to buy all of them. Their Rattan coffee table is like love at first but with a coffee table. It is purely woven with Rattan. 

Anyone, even those without knowledge of handmade furniture, can effortlessly tell that it is naturally crafted. It is 1 inch high with 40 inches in diameter. If you are looking for a coffee table to set in your garden for evening tea and coffee, then this Rattan coffee table is just what you need.

02 – Wooden Vase

Wooden Vase

Every home looks incomplete without a vase, and a minimalist wooden vase never fails to catch someone’s sight. You are passing by, and Maskan’s wooden vase is sitting over. There is no way you pass by without appreciating it. And here we are talking about the Maskan statement Wooden vase.

Put your hand-picked flowers fresh from the garden in this vase to make it a centerpiece on your center table and an accent piece for your sideboard. It gives such a traditional and modern look altogether. It is beautiful enough to work as a standalone piece of décor. You can also gift it to someone. It would be a wonderful present. 

01 – Red and Blue Wall Hanging

Red and Blue Wall Hanging

If you are looking for decor to fill empty walls, and want something vibrant, then Maskan is the place for you. Its hangings would be an excellent addition to make your house feel like a home. No matter what you like and your style, Maskan Wall hanging will push you to have one of its wall hanging in your home. Especially its red and blue wooden wall hanging is great. 

It could change your empty walls into art so that you can be surrounded by the things you can adore. Its bright and bold dusty rose, excellent claret, royal blue, and elegant dove-grey colors can create extraordinary transformation. You have no idea how much impact these wall hangings could have on your small space.

This handmade wooden star shape wall hanging could be a magnificent addition to your living room, dining room, or office wall. It is so lovely that it can light up any space with its delightful colors and style. 

Things You Should Consider Before Buying Handmade Furniture

Buying furniture for your home is like an investment, so you better look out. I would suggest you not trust anyone blindly. Do your research and check reviews. 

Here are a few factors you should consider. I hope that it will help you make the right decision. 


Budget is an essential factor. First, make a budget. You are here to buy the best for your home. But it doesn’t mean you must go hard and break your limit. 

It would be best if you considered the price of the product. Furniture doesn’t come cheap. So, make your budget accordingly. 

Considering lower-priced alternatives is always an option if you find something so good that you want to buy but know it will break your balance. 


Before buying furniture, search for “best handmade outdoor furniture near me”. Brand reputation is essential to consider because it is the name that gives you a guarantee that we are making quality products worth buying. Beware of the fake brands claiming to be good. 


Always remember that quality is over quantity. Never compromise on the quality of the furniture. If it is beautiful, but the quality is not satisfactory, then you must know it is not the one for you. 

You are spending your hard-earned money, so you better check if certain products have any valuable features. Consider all the features that come to your mind before deciding which piece of furniture to buy. 


The quality of a product is a vital factor. The better the quality of the product longer it will last. Of course, quality comes with a price, but at least you will not have to spend the money for the coming years. So, quality is a better investment than buying a cheap product that starts breaking off a week after. 

Final Thought

Maskan is one of the most popular handmade furniture stores in Pakistan. They have various products, from handmade bedroom furniture to garden furniture. Maskan products are purely handcrafted and made with natural products. It is praise-worthy how they manage to keep everything original. 

When it comes to customer service, a majority of customers love their products and service.  It’s Maskan’s hard work that is paying off. 

You are missing something good if you live in Pakistan and haven’t visited Maskan. 

Check them out and add your favorite piece to your cart.

Jaisha Sohail is a literature student, who stepped into the writing profession accidentally and ended up loving it, an attribute also applicable to her degree. You can effortlessly lure her into kidnapping by offering her coffee or collectible editions of classic novels. A student by day and writer by night, her spare time is usually spent baking or dreaming about owning a cute cafe (as a barista).

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