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7 Aesthetic Instagrammable Cafes In Lahore

Instagrammable Cafes In Lahore

We are all Instagram-obsessed in this 21st century. If it is not on Instagram, it did not happen, whether it was our favorite meal, our most frequented store, or the trip of a lifetime. Today, Instagram is unquestionably the most popular social media platform.

If you are an Instagram user looking for the most well-known locations in Lahore to capture some stunning images, this article is for you! Here I will discuss Lahore’s top Instagramable cafes and demystify why they are so special.

So let us get started without further ado!

Instagrammable Cafes in Lahore

The culinary scene in Lahore is unique. Restaurants and cafes that have endured since their founding are scattered throughout the city’s streets, both old and new. The creation of Instagram-worthy interiors is the focus of a new interior design movement that has emerged recently.

If you seek out an area where you could enjoy a perfect cup of coffee with yummy treats, then hold on reading, these cafés are the best choice.

The majority of the restaurants in Lahore serve authentic traditional recipes, which make up a significant portion of the city’s culinary scene. However, that does not hinder the availability of other cuisines. Chinese, Oriental, Italian, and Mexican cuisines have, if not equal, then sufficient significance, which explains why there are so many instagrammable worthy cafes and restaurants in Lahore that serve delicious food. 

Some of the most famous cafés in Lahore are:

Deja by Khadija

This adorable cafe in Sui Gas Society is truly a remarkable sight. Here you can find one of the best menus in the city; every dish is unique and superior in terms of flavor. To make their cafe a must-visit, the owners added Instagram-worthy spots everywhere.

Rina’s Kitchenette

One of Lahore’s best Instagram-worthy café is Rina’s Kitchenette. A welcoming little nook in Rina’s Kitchenette is ideal for everyone visiting to take some good pictures for their Instagram. If you intend to travel to Lahore, you must give it a try.

It has the cutest interior and offers ideal outdoor seating, which is the cherry on top on days with good weather. They provide a fantastic selection of sweet and savory dishes from various cuisines. The cafe is renowned for its exquisite sweets with a wide range of flavors. 



English Tea House

English Tea House, one of Lahore’s dessert cafes, was founded by Yum Chinese and Thai restaurants in 2010. The atmosphere at the English Tea House is warm and lively. It is an ideal setting for socializing with friends and family while taking a warm cup of tea and some cute pictures for social media.

They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner after evening tea. The interior’s dark teal walls create the ideal fusion of traditional and contemporary design.





A European-inspired café that has branches in Lahore as well as Karachi is Maribelle.

Maribelle, a restaurant in Mall 1, completely revolutionized the food scene in Lahore with its flower wall! Do we need to say more about the restaurant with a wall covered in pink flowers and a neon sign spelling out its name? It’s every Instagram lover’s fantasy come true.

The decor is to die for, with its checkered floors, eye-catching paintings of the New York skyline, and pink velvet seats. They have very distinctive tables with pink and white roses under the glass on each one, making it the ideal setting for your food photography.

Maribelle is like a pink lover’s paradise! This cafe features a classic flower wall with an LED sign reading “Adventure Awaits, but First Dessert” and a baby pink phone booth with a floral interior.

If the stunning interior is not enough for you, a pink Volkswagen outside the Karachi branch makes the ideal backdrop for all your Instagram photos. If you haven’t already, you must try this place because it has delicious food and a pleasant atmosphere.




Dock 27

Dock 27 is a continental restaurant located in the heart of Defence. The restaurant, focused on a marine theme, also has a menu leaning more towards seafood. Their interior is filled with anchors and other sea-related decorations, giving you a new feeling!

Lahore receives food from all over the world thanks to Dock 27. The restaurant also describes itself as a fine dining area that serves unique recipes worldwide. Food is prepared and served by some of the city’s best-trained and most seasoned hospitality professionals. 

Salads, appetizers, soups, and other traditional items are also on the menu. You might feel the menu is generic, but the dish descriptions make for an exciting read because they explain the history of each dish.




Coco Cubano

In the center of Gulberg is a Mexican restaurant called Coco Cubano. Mexican cuisine is the specialty of their menu, including mouthwatering tacos, chicken entrees, and even quesadillas. They are famous for their chicken schnitzel.

One of the most well-known restaurants in the city, Coco Cubano’s menu allows you to unwind with your friends while indulging in a round of delectable cocktails and tapas. The restaurant’s stylish yet relaxed outdoor seating area is crowded with patrons all year.

The interior is dark and eclectic, making it unquestionably Instagram-worthy. This location on  MM Alam Road is also effortlessly accessible from anywhere in the city.

In the center of Lahore, get a taste of downtown Havana and visit that place as soon as possible.




Fuchsia Kitchen Lahore

High-quality Pan Asian cuisine is served at Fuchsia Kitchen, a sophisticated, chic dining establishment. The interior is decorated with dark pink hues, and the evening hours feature cozy lighting that immediately catches people’s eyes.

Additionally, it has a lovely courtyard outside that is decorated with fairy lights at night, providing the perfect romantic ambiance for couples. The peaceful setting has a great music selection, making it an excellent choice for meet-ups.

This modern Asian restaurant offers a diverse array of pan-Asian dishes with flavors from Thailand, China, Vietnam, and Korea. They take great pride in serving customers authentic Asian cuisine prepared with traditional cooking methods.



The options are countless, but I’ve listed my top favorites above. Let me know, what’s the one place you added to your bucket list after reading this article, though I believe there will be more than one. Also, have you visited any of these places? How was your experience?

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