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Patangeer; The Ultimate Power Couple That Inspires Us All

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Living life to the fullest is everyone’s dream, but how wonderful it is that you find someone who shares your vision and is willing to explore the depths with you. So what happens when you put two people who love to travel? They are a powerful couple who knows no boundaries and enjoys life to the fullest. 

Patangeer is a travel couple smashing stereotypes and breaking taboos associated with travel and exploring the world.

The traveling couple has been making waves in Pakistan and promoting a positive image of Pakistan worldwide. But isn’t it right that we go back in time and learn how all of this came together? How their journey started, and what they have in store for us. 

We see life as a fantasy, and when we find a person who shares our vision is a dream come true. The couple met in school in 2009, became friends, and embarked on a journey that forever changed their lives.  

Being the adventurous individuals they are, they both set out to explore the beauty of nature along with their studies. First, let us meet who they are and what they have done with their lives so far. 

Meet Fahad

Fahad had spent five years in America studying sales and marketing. When you are destined to do something, you eventually get around to doing it. In his interviews, he used to state that he was a shy guy who got the opportunity to travel a lot due to his work. 

One day he decided to overcome his fear of heights which led him to do bungee jumping. From there, the journey to experience life to the fullest started. Falling in love with the camera was the start of his journey, and he has loved that ever since.

Meet Amtul

Amtul is living the lifestyle everyone would love to try once, having visited 23 countries and explored the world since a young age. She was aware that nature was her refuge. While studying at LUMS, Amtul had the opportunity to travel throughout Pakistan’s northern regions. Amtul has been in this field for a long time, and her experience as a travel blogger has given her an understanding of what this field requires and how to deliver.

Sharing the same passion and love for traveling, they both came together and released their first video in 2016. They got an overwhelming response that led them to continue their path and showcase Pakistan positively. 

The Uniqueness of Pantangeer

The word Patangeer is as unique as their journey. It refers to roving kites, and like a kite that flies in the wind, Patangeer was created to exemplify people’s sense of adventure, love of travel, and—most importantly—the desire to interact with and learn about diverse cultures. Patangs [kites] stand for not only freedom and liberty but also the culture and language of Pakistan. The traveling couple, just like kites, wants to fly and travel to places never explored.

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People are now very interested in learning what triggered the creation of Patangeer. And, according to our travel couple, the western portrayal of Pakistan is vexing. Pakistan is a country rich in diversity and culture, and it is a tragedy that many people are unaware of its beauty. 

Keeping that image in mind, our Patangeers are the saviors who have promoted our country’s diversity. Because of them, Pakistan is now attracting tourists who are both awestruck by its beauty and diversity.

Travel Stories

Patangeer has traveled to more than half of the world, from Gilgit to Spain to the United Kingdom. The enthralling beauty of the Hunza Valley has captured their hearts and become their favorite place to visit in Pakistan, and who doesn’t adore the far north? It is a popular tourist and local destination due to its scenic beauty and tranquility.

To date, the best experience for them is the Havasu Waterfalls, a Native American village within the Grand Canyon. The demand is enormous, and you must wait months and months for your turn. Nonetheless, the wait was well worth it.

The couple has always enjoyed traveling, and their family supported their endeavors. What more could one want?

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Breaking Stereotypes

Aurat chaar diwari k andaar hi achi lagti hai”, “Ghar basao, ye bhala koi larkion k kam hain?”, “Beta aesi larkion k rishtay nhi hoty”, and many more such beliefs are quite prevalent in our society. People can be heard discussing all kinds of ideas. But Amtul has shown that we women can achieve anything we set our minds to, which is very empowering.

Fahad, on the other hand, is an example of how men can support women in their lives. They can be by your side, and all of the experiences you will share will be worthwhile. After all, the things you can do together are more memorable than those you can do alone.

Managing Work And Passion Side by Side

Fahad and Amtul work in different fields, but their shared passion for travel brings them together. I understand how difficult it can be to remain professional sometimes, but how the couple handles disagreements in their ideas is admirable. According to the couple, managing professional work and passion has always been difficult, but they have helped each other overcome it.

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After all, they needed to concentrate on the big picture. The journey began with a three-week trip to the United States. As a result, two people working in different fields joined forces to realize a much larger dream.

Future Plans And Ventures

Patangeer claims that the vision is more significant than ever before. The first is to visit more places, and the second is to begin workshops. The main purpose is to instruct people on how to begin and explore the world of content creation. 

All you need is a camera and the ability to think creatively. The travel couple also plans to expand into new territories and work for clients. Finally, all they want in the end is to promote Pakistan’s diverse culture and to be the lens through which people can see the hidden side of Pakistan.

Another twenty years old sips tea, pretending to listen to the realities while she wanders through the castle and towns residing in her head. If Tooba is not writing, she loves to hike and explore the mysteries of nature.

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