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5 Affordable Boho Decor Essentials That Are Chic

Boho decor

Boho decor is your best choice if you love nature, art, and literature. Like classic and modern décor ideas, boho home decor is an easy-going style with no restrictions. It has no specific rules means it is a carefree style of artists and innovative people. 

You can decorate as per your desire. As it is eclectic by nature, you can choose any color scheme, texture, multicultural accessories, and many more. Whenever someone steps inside your home, he will feel welcome because of the vintage boho style, which is cozy, warm, colorful, and welcoming. 

Daraz products are making it easy for you to purchase cheap boho home decor on your own. With the true mixture of colors, texture, and boho accessories, you can give your home an incredible, stunning, and classy boho look. 

Top Boho decor essentials for your home

1 – Hand-Woven Wall Plates

Hand-woven wall plates are a unique choice for your living room, lounge, or drawing room. You can hang them on a white or light grey colored wall for an aesthetic look. 

These hand-woven plates are available in various colors like black, golden brown, sky blue, white, etc. These pieces are traditional, and each plate is about 10 inches in size. One set includes three plates, and you can arrange them according to your preferences. 

The plates are neatly knitted, quite strong, durable, and remain in their original state for a long time. But they are vulnerable to damage by sharp objects, and you need to clean them daily. But overall, they are the best option and can help you style your room significantly. 

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Boho wall decor - boho decorations


02 – Boho Sun Wall Sticker

It is an adorable boho décor element for your kid’s room. It is available in several colors, like white, blue, green, gold, red, and silver, with assembled dimensions of 4 inches. Each color has a very stylish and elegant finish with wonderful patterns.

Besides, it is effortless to install. At the point of joining 631 and 651, vinyl is used so that when you want to remove the pattern from the wall, you can do it without damaging the wall paint. You must apply it on a smooth, clean surface. 

However, cleaning them might be a hassle if they are stained. Other than that, they are the perfect addition to your modern boho home décor. 

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Boho chic decor Sun Wall Sticker


03 – Round Floor Cushions

Bohemian home décor is all about comforting, bringing people together, and relaxing. Floor pillows, poufs, and bean bag chairs are all great options for having a fun time with your family.

Daraz offers you these relaxing round floor cushions that contribute to your room’s aesthetics. It is made of cotton, satin fabric soft cloth and is available in a wide range of colors such as blue, black, brown, grey, purple, red, and yellow.

 It has a significant advantage as it is washable; hand washing, machine washing, and detergent are all applicable. But it is prone to damage caused by high temperatures and sharp things. However, that doesn’t matter as it is durable and comfy. 

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Boho room decor


04 – Geometric Air Plant Holder

Plants give such a refreshing look that boho home decor felt incomplete without some plants. You can add either hanging plants or pot plants according to your interest. Cacti are pretty trendy, so you can also grab one. Give it a try, and literally, you will love it. 

Daraz offers a geometric air plant holder, which is quite stable, firm, and sturdy. It is stylish yet classy and can be placed anywhere in the home. It is made up of steel, so it doesn’t corrode easily. 

Its golden color will enhance the beauty of your home if placed in front of white or grey wall backgrounds. The hollow air plant support allows air to pass through it, preventing the plant from decaying. You can place any plant in it, like succulents or xerographic. But daily cleaning is necessary. Besides, there is no disadvantage.  Plants are all nothing but good vibes!

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Geometric Air Plant Holder - Boho home decor


05 – Chandelier

Lighting is essential in any decor style. Traditional and eclectic ones are great. A yarn globe lamp chandelier is a perfect boho home decor accessory. 

It is made up of export-quality yarn. It is handmade with a bulb holder. It is a pretty attractive addition that will enhance the aesthetic look of your home. It is worthy, reliable, and will run over a long course. 

You can easily install it and change the bulb whenever you need it. It is classy, but dust can accumulate on it, so regular maintenance is required.

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Chandelier - Boho decor


Why opt for Boho decor?

Why should you opt for boho home decor when there are so many trendy, new, modern, and innovative ideas in the market? 

It’s straightforward because boho home decor is inexpensive, has a different vibe, and is cozy and comfy. You can add anything that eases you or suits your taste. Colorful boho home decor uplifts your mood. There are no rules or limits, and no one restricts you. While doing wall decor, you can mix and blend as many patterns as you want.  

Handmade digital prints are artwork themselves; if styled correctly, they are proof of their owner’s aesthetic sense. Moreover, it is pretty nostalgic. So, what’s stopping you from adopting the boho home style?  Check out Maskan for handmade boho home decor products.

Things to keep in mind while doing Boho decor

Boho home decor is all about traditional, crafted, antique items, captivating colors, funky wallpaper, wood elements, plants, and fragrances, but while styling, keep the following points in your mind:

Maintain A Light And Airy Atmosphere 

Give your room space, let the air cross, and keep your room colors light to create a soothing effect. Gray, white, tan, faded yellow, sky blue, etc., are the best choice and have a good impact on the eyes. Boho style is all about bringing people together and keeping a welcoming atmosphere in the home, whether scorching hot or snowing outside. So, maintain balance and don’t overdo it. 

Other than that light paint, add some lights on which you have all the authority, like fancy lights, side lamps, and chandeliers; as mentioned above, you can get one from Daraz, obviously a durable one. As your room is already bright, they will add to the liveliness of your room. 

Use Rattan Furniture

Add some rattan furniture in your living room area as it is the soul of boho home décor. It is simple yet feels quite luxurious. An exotic piece of furniture made up of solid cane, ideal for enduring weight and resisting harsh weather that doesn’t corrode in humid environments, what else would one want? Furthermore, they are long-lasting and economical. 

Floor Setup for Boho decor

The low lay concept is one of the main elements of Boho decor, so add some grounded furniture, floor rugs, cushion, and bean bags. That’s the pro tip, and it will make your room more spacious, artistic, and beautiful. Imagine having a tea party and conversation with your friends in this setup. Sounds cool. Right!

Boho home decor style is something that never gets outdated. It is developing and growing with time. Its uniqueness and the focus on making home a comfortable, warm, welcoming, and informal space keeps it alive and popular.

I hope these tips will assist you in décorarting your home to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes a home boho?

Ans: Combining different and innovative textures and unconventional, bold, and traditional items representing different cultures make a home boho.

Q: What colors are bohemian?

Ans: The most popular boho colors are light and soothing colors that impose a relaxing impact on the mind or earthly hues like sky blue, brown, green, white, yellow, and grey.

Q: From where does boho look inspire?

Ans: It’s also called the nomadian style because it is inspired by people who break conventional rules of life and lead unconventional lives. It is inspired by travelers, actors, and art personas. 

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