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9 Wall Art Prints You Need For Your Space Right Now

Wall art prints

With the year 2023 approaching, everyone is looking around their surroundings and wondering what they want to change, the updates required, or the things that must be removed from their lives. With this thought, take an unavoidable glance around your living spaces and look for the changes you must make. What’s missing? Definitely, some floral wall art prints! Isn’t it?

Updating your home reflects you, your current status, and your state of mind. Making changes should depend more on your personal preferences rather than the need for an update or your surroundings being outdated.

There is a never-ending change in ongoing trends; they do not evolve with the moods or vibes. The same goes for the wall art prints, instead of looking for what is in and trending. Look for something that best suits your lifestyle and choices.

No matter where you live, It could be an apartment, a villa, a country estate, or a palace. Everyone has a boring empty wall that Is looking for some attention.

It’s always a hard decision how to decorate The Wall, especially when the room is filled with bold furniture, vibrant rugs, and other decorative objects. We have picked some statement wall art prints to make it easy for you.


Here are some of the best wall art options you must consider in 2023:

Exclusive And Religious Wall Art Prints

  • Adams art print
  • Islamic art print 

Stylish And Trending Designs

  • Botanical Art prints
  • Starry sky art prints

Modern Wall Art Prints  

  • Nordic art prints
  • Tiger art print
  • Graffiti art print

Simple Wall Art Designs

  • Wing art print
  • Home letter art print

Exclusive And Religious Wall Art Prints

01 – Adams Art Print

Invite tranquility in your room with the Adams Vintage Art Prints. These inspirational prints evoke a sense of gratitude, peace, and harmony. They remind us of places and things that bring pleasure and happiness to us.

These art prints are primarily vintage wall art prints. They might seem expensive, but they are valuable. They are available in framed and unframed options. Besides, they look lovely and exciting as they tell a story every time you see them. 

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Wall art prints


02 – Islamic Art Print

Islamic art prints are one of the best wall art prints. They have beautiful calligraphy, different words, ayats, and surahs of Arabic engraved. If you are lucky, you can get your hands on vintage Islamic wall art prints made centuries ago. They look elegant in living rooms and dining rooms as well.

Islamic Art Prints bring out the spiritual uniqueness of objects and beings instead of their physical qualities. Islamic Art does not only promote the skills of an artist, but most importantly, it conveys the message of The Almighty.

Islamic Art profoundly provides harmony to the inner world, gives serenity, improves the ambiance, and brings peace of mind.

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Wall art prints


Stylish And Trending Wall Art Paints

03 – Botanical Art Prints

Botanical art prints are perfect wall art prints for the living room. They give your living room an elegant and decent look. Besides, you can buy these at reasonable prices as these art prints are very affordable. Also, if you are a fan of cottagecore aesthetics, you will love them.

The luscious plants, trees, and flowers will transfer your ordinary space into a garden of Eden.

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Floral wall art prints


04 – Starry Sky Print

The swirling clouds, bright crescent moon, and shining stars create a captivating giving serenity to the décor. You can use these wall art prints in bedrooms; they give a shiny and charming look at first glance. You can also hang them in your kid’s bedroom to let them enjoy themselves. It adds more beauty to it.

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Wall art prints

Modern Wall Art Prints

05 – Tiger Art Print

Tiger art print is one of the latest wall art prints, which is expensive, but the price is worth it. They come in different colors and look great on any room wall. You can adjust their size and frame according to your requirements and preferences. 

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Wall art prints


06 – Graffiti Art Print

They give great vibes to your house. Graffiti art prints are beautiful and soulful; the best part is they are meaningful. Graffiti art prints are trendy and self-expressive and convey messages and emotions to the public through art. 

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Wall art prints


07 – Nordic Art Prints

These are vintage wall art prints and are very valuable. White walls, nude color palettes, and minimal styling characterize nordic art prints. 

They are the basic element of every minimal decor. That is why they are a little expensive but look gorgeous in your home. You can use them framed or unframed based on your personal preference.

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Nordic Art Prints - minimalist wall art prints

Simple Wall Art Prints

08 – Wing Art Prints

Dress your walls with a reminder of faith and peace with the wing art prints. These wing wall art prints are simple-looking art prints that are pretty cheap. They come in different sizes. Their detail-oriented and contemporary features make them photo-realistic.

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Wing Art Prints - Wall art print


09 – Home-Letter Print

Home-letter wall art print adds a fresh and personalized touch to the home. They are perfect for living room décor and great focal pieces for the entryway and kitchen. Also, they can be a great anniversary or housewarming gift as well. 

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Home-Letter Print - Wall art prints


Some Tips For Great Art Prints

  • Perfect Placement

Typically people place the wall art prints and decor too high. Museum curators and gallery owners have given a “60 inches on center” rule. That means one can measure 60 inches from the ground for the perfect placement of the piece of art. It looks well in most situations.

  • Choose Wall Art That Evokes You

You should choose wall art according to personal preferences. It should be something that makes one happy and content. Since we have to keep looking at it every day, it should be something that communicates with our personality.

  • Best Composition Is The Key

You should consider different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures to bring personality and depth to our spaces. Who wants a monotonous look? Mix, match, create, contrast, and make your space look more versatile.

  • Choose Colors Wisely

Wall art prints can act as the focal point of a room. It can help set the color palette for the rest of the room. The chosen colors should complement the room’s décor, not create chaos. The tone of the room will be dictated by the colors you choose.

  • Add Mirrors

A mirror is a statement piece. One large mirror with wall art will complement your décor, making the space lighter and more prominent. Additional mirrors of smaller sizes can be grouped as a collection.

  • Don’t Clutter

Don’t overdo the wall; it will portray chaos instead of serenity and harmony. As famously said, Less is more. There is no need to hang art prints in every space available.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which walls are best for wall art print placement?

Ans: Mostly, large walls are needed to fill more. So you should try placing them on large or symmetrical walls where they will look good.

Q: How to put our furniture according to wall art prints?

Ans: I suggest you put your furniture, according to the art prints, approximately covering about ⅔ of your furniture. You should leave some space between the table and the art piece.

Q: At what level or height should we place our wall art prints?

Ans: You should hang them in the vision of normal eye level, not above or lower than we can comfortably see it so that it can catch your guest’s eyes.

Q: How to align wall art?

Ans: You should align them according to their center and hang them symmetrically. You can use a scale to measure the symmetry of art frames. 

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