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M By Mahira Khan – A Brand Which Is Just About The Label

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Mahira Khan, the diva of Pakistan, has recently launched her clothing line M by Mahira. There’s been a lot of controversy over Mahira’s brand, mainly the hatred directed toward the price point. The Twitterati is really not impressed!

Is Her Collection Actually Overpriced?

Well, technically speaking, that depends on the audience they are targeting. For an average Pakistani, thirteen thousand just for a plain white kurta is really not affordable. If you want a complete set, then you have to pay 24 thousand rupees. Let’s look at the range M by Mahira is offering before discussing this issue further:

M by Mahira Khan

Is this collection pretty? Absolutely. Are these white kurtas remind you of every time you have seen Mahira in a similar style? True. But is this price range affordable? Well, it depends!

If we are honest, then M by Mahira never claimed to be a budget-friendly brand. They are working for sustainable fashion. In current times, it has become a trend to wear the same clothes once or twice, and then they permanently become a part of your wardrobe. M by Mahira is shattering this idea. Clothing items should be an investment. Invest in a few pieces which will last long. This is what you call sustainable fashion. At M by Mahira, you will see them preferring quality over anything else.

Should You Buy These Expensive Kurtas?

Well, if you won’t, then someone else will definitely do. Because maybe in all this trolling, you have skipped the point that her collection was sold out immediately on her website. I would still suggest that you don’t go for something that is ridiculously overpriced, but if your pocket can bear a tiny bump, then why not meri jaan?

Wrap Up!

Lastly, my final take on this controversy is the tagline on M by Mahira’s website “You are more than just a Label.” I’ve gone to the website to verify the hype over the pricing, but this line got stuck in my mind. I think the public should not criticize the brand for being overpriced because those who can afford it will buy it anyway. But to say stuff like this when you are actually selling your stuff because of the label you have is totally unfair from their side. What’s your take on it? Let me know in the comments below.

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