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The Barbie Fever on Twitter Is Getting Really Wild

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On a momentous occasion for the world of cinema, the highly anticipated Barbie movie graced the silver screens on its scheduled release date, captivating audiences with its mesmerizing narrative. Theaters were bustling with excitement as promotions for the film drew in crowds from all corners. Amidst this cinematic fervor, Oppenheimer, another masterpiece by Christopher Nolan, also made its debut, adding to the allure of the occasion. 

While both films shared the limelight, it is Barbie that has taken social media by storm, becoming a trending topic on Twitter. Yet, as netizens engage in spirited discussions about the movie, diverse opinions emerge, sparking intriguing debates on various aspects of the film. To add to the complexity, the temporary ban on Barbie in Punjab has started discussions on feminism and the Pakistan censor board’s discernment, or lack thereof, when it comes to international art and cinema. This watershed moment in the cinematic realm has stirred emotions and ignited controversies. Here is what’s actually happening on Twitter. 

The Movie Got Banned In Punjab, And People Are Confused!

The confusion surrounding the ban on the Barbie movie has left many scratching their heads in bewilderment. People are confused about why the movie got banned, and that too only in Punjab.  Puzzled moviegoers assert that the movie contained neither swear words nor nudity and nothing overtly objectionable. Moreover, they debunked claims that the movie presented an anti-men narrative. Instead, what they found was a delightful and humorous cinematic experience.

Some people think that the very aspect of the film that shows women exercising freedom and independence has triggered unease within the censor board, reigniting discussions on feminism, gender dynamics, and societal norms. 

Barbie movie- 2023


Barbie movie- 2023


The Supposed Reasons for Ban Don’t Really Make Sense

Despite the film’s clear focus on women’s stories and experiences, some critics labeled it as “anti-men.” This assertion seems baseless to netizens as the movie’s central narrative was never intended to be about men. Instead, it celebrated the journey of women, highlighting their strengths and aspirations.

Barbie movie- 2023


Barbie movie- 2023


Besides the anti-men claims, netizens were also seen talking about the potential economic benefits such hyped movies can offer a country like Pakistan. People think Pakistan should be using this opportunity to generate revenue instead of banning it in major areas like Punjab. 

Barbie movie- 2023


Viewers Couldn’t Resist But Compare It With Oppenheimer

Amidst the discussions, netizens couldn’t help but draw comparisons between Barbie and Oppenheimer. The two films seemed to spark curiosity and intrigue among audiences, igniting a flurry of online debates about their themes and impact on the cinematic landscape.

Barbie movie- 2023


On The Other Side, People Are Loving The Pink Wave

On the other side of the spectrum, amidst all the debates and controversies, a heartwarming celebration of womanhood emerged in the cinemas. The pink wave swept through the theaters, with all the women wearing pink dresses and cute pink jewelry. It seemed like all the women have gathered to celebrate their femininity. 

It was such a wholesome sight to witness- all the girls who have grown up playing with Barbies seemed to reminisce their childhood memories. 

Barbie movie- 2023


The Movie Has Got, Not Only The Girls, But Everyone Super-Excited

The best part was not only the girls, but everyone celebrating it like a festival. From little children to men, everyone was wearing pink. And it wasn’t some kind of promotion technique where they were asked to wear pink. It was like an unsaid rule where everyone knew they had to wear pink. Barbie movie- 2023

Barbie movie- 2023

Have You Watched Barbie, Yet?

If yes, how was your experience? Do let us know in the comments. If not, this is your sign book the tickets for the next show.

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