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Qumadi by Zainab: The Bold Stitch of Entrepreneurial Spirit

Qumadi by Zainab - Featured Image

You come across a highlight named “hustle” when you open Baekartoot’s account – it contains a sneak peek of the hustle behind her dream project, Qumadi. In today’s episode of introducing you to the content creators that you must follow, we have Zainab, known as the username Baekartoot. But today, we are not gonna talk about Zainab or her content because I’m pretty sure many of you already know her. 

What I am going to help you explore today is the bold stitch of entrepreneurial spirit – Qumadi by Zainab. So, let’s get into it. 

Zainab: Not Your Ordinary Content Creator

When you hear the name ‘Baekartoot,” I am sure what comes to your mind is not some fashion influencer or just another comedy content creator. And that doesn’t mean there is something wrong with fashion influencers and comedy content creators. The thing is, Zainab, aka Baekartoot, is one of its types, and you usually don’t come across content creators like her. 

Qumadi by Zainab


The phrase “Inspiring & empowering South Asian women” in her bio is kind of self-explanatory when it comes to the nature of her content. However, she is a lot more than that – from keeping it real with her unfiltered vibes to showing love for all body shapes and giving trolls a taste of their own medicine – she has a knack for creating content that resonates with all of us.

ShopQumadi: More Than An Influencer’s Brand

Zainab is launching her own clothing project, and before you start with the whole “Oh great, another influencer launching a project” eye-roll and the classic “This is nothing new; they all hop on the bandwagon sooner or later,” let me tell you, THIS IS THE REAL DEAL.

Qumadi is not just an influencer’s brand. It’s not just a side business or an adventure, Qumadi is the struggle years, with a lot of capital investment that aims to become not only an inclusive brand but an opportunity for women to earn.

Qumadi by Zainab


The moment I read Zainab’s story, “mein hamesha aurat zaat k liye kuch karna chahti thi” and “this is the gift that I’m preparing for all women,” I knew Qumadi has a lot of potential. And with Zainab as the big brain behind Qumadi, the probability of achieving this potential only gets higher. 

From The Crowd To The Spotlight: What Sets It Apart From The Rest?

Get ready for a sneak peek into the Qumadi world because I’m going to tell you exactly what sets it apart from other clothing brands out there. 

Inclusivity: Styles Tailored For Every Shape, Size, And Color Of You

Here’s a content creator who has been talking about normalizing different body shapes – so how can we not see a glimpse of it in her dream project? Nowadays, while every other brand is running the marathon of creating the best designs and the most fancy outfits, Zainab is striving to introduce inclusivity for every shape, size, and color. 

Qumadi by Zainab


Qumadi is not just about designs and fancy fabrics; it’s about making all women feel beautiful in their own skin.

Crafting Careers With Class: Stitches That Empower

The best standout feature of Qumadi, for me, is the idea of creating job opportunities for women. Zainab said in one of her stories, “….mein sirf aurat zaat ko inspire karnay sy bhi kuch zada karna chahti hon,” and this is where her dream project comes in. 

She is working towards making this project a source of earning for Pakistani women who cannot easily find jobs. Moreover, she is creating a friendly work environment for her employees. So, it’s not just about clothes, but it’s about stitches that empower. 

From Struggles To Sequins: Zainab’s Struggle Behind Qumadi

Zainab, who is soon to become a bride, should be knee-deep in shopping and event planning, as we all expect. But guess what? She is out there in her studio, pulling all-nighters, working on her dream project. And this, right here, is her passion and perseverance. 

Qumadi by Zainab


According to Zainab, she has been planning Qumadi for years, and now that her dream is about to materialize, she is giving her full potential to it. It is her struggle that sets Qumadi apart from a thousand other startups. 

The Art Of Detail-Orientedness And Fostering Local Craftsmanship

Qumadi is not about collaborating with big vendors and sellers. Zainab has searched markets for the finest fabric to bring her customers the best quality within a pocket-friendly budget. And this attention-to-detail is taking Qumadi to new heights. 

Qumadi by Zainab


She is sourcing hand-made embroidery designs from all over Pakistan, which makes Qumadi a project that fosters local craftsmanship and honors the heritage of Pakistani embroidery work. 

Qumadi’s Future Is Gleaming With Potential

With empowerment at its core and Zainab leading the charge, Qumadi is all set to light up the fashion world with its unique flair. The journey ahead is exciting, and we can’t wait to see Qumadi’s star rise even higher, brightening the way for women everywhere.

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