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Humayun Saeed And Yumna Zaidi In “Gentlemen”

Humayun Saeed And Yumna Zaidi In “Gentlemen”

Green Entertainment is back with a bang. Green Entertainment’s latest project, “Gentleman,” has reached a fever pitch as it brings together two of Pakistan’s Superstars, Humayun Saeed and Yumna Zaidi. There is no doubt that this pairing will set a new benchmark for the Pakistani Industry and we sure are seated to unravel their magical chemistry paired with captivating storytelling. 

As the new teasers are released on their YouTube channel (watch the teaser here). The audience’s anticipation has grown through the roof. The audience is all seated to dive deeper into the drama and when we have Humayun and Yumna on the big screen, we can’t really blame the people for being overexcited. 

Humayun Saeed And Yumna Zaidi In “Gentlemen”

Storyline: A Blend Of Romance And Intrigue

Khalil ur Rehman has a knack of writing scripts with a unique storyline with magnificent characters and Gentlemen is not any different. The drama serial Gentlemen starts with the story of a local goon who is at war with the gentlemen of the society. The twist comes when Iqbal Munna falls in love with the Journalist, Zarnab. Moreover, Khalil ur Rehman’s hint at a gangster narrative and an empowered woman perspective adds an intriguing layer to the excitement. It is an intense story as shown in the teasers. Can’t wait to experience the magic they are going to showcase on the screen? Head over to Green Entertainment’s YouTube channel to watch the teasers.

A Chemistry That Captivates 

Gentlemen is a whole package with a stellar cast, renowned director, and writer. However, one thing that has made the anticipation for Gentlemen palpable, is the on-screen magic of Humayun Saeed and Yumna Zaidi. This duo is known for their commanding presence and living their characters in a true sense. We have seen Yumna give back-to-back hits with dramas like Tere Bin, and Payar Ky Sadqay. On the other hand, Humayun has always set the screen on fire. So are you ready to see what they are bringing to the screen? 

Humayun Saeed And Yumna Zaidi In “Gentlemen”

The Perfect Duo Of Khalil-ur-Rehman And Haissam Hussain

Khalil ur Rehman Qamar in the past has mostly cast Humayun Saeed as his hero and their collaboration has always been a treat to the eye. His previous project, Mere Pass Tum Ho, not only created buzz in the industry but also transcended borders grabbing praise from people all around the world. 

The project Gentlemen is brought to life under the direction of Haissam Hussian helmed by the visionary duo of Samina Humayun and Sana Shahwaz. The director is known for his acclaimed dramas like Dastan, Bin Roye, and Jo Bichar Gaye. His collaboration with the powerhouse of creativity, Khalil ur Rehman, is the perfect recipe you need for the next big hit. 

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The Stellar Cast

Humayun Saeed And Yumna Zaidi In “Gentlemen”

The drama boasts a stellar cast, including Adnan Siddiqui, Ahmed Ali Butt, Zahid Ahmed, and Sohai Ali Abroo who are all set to add a unique flair to the captivating storyline. After seeing these big names, we sure know that our screens will be blessed with a unique story we haven’t seen in a while. 

Is Green Entertainment Setting Yet Another Standard For The Pakistani Drama Industry?

Green Entertainment is redefining the standards of Pakistani Dramas and Gentlemen seems to be a promising addition to it. With its stellar cast, experienced director, and celebrated writer, the drama is all set to bless our screens. 

What do you think? Will Gentlemen be a hit or a miss?

Stay tuned for more updates on the most anticipated collaborations in the Pakistani Industry. 

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