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8 Aesthetic Instagrammable Cafes in Multan

Instagarmmable Cafes in Multan - Featured Image

Instagrammable Cafes in Multan – If you love discovering new places with pretty aesthetics, nice decor, and lively ambiance, you are at the right place. Because we happen to have very similar interests. I understand that all of us don’t have the privilege to spare time for full-course meals, but who doesn’t want cute aesthetic pictures? 

So, here’s your solution – 8 prettiest Instagrammable cafes in Multan. From eateries that offer more than 5 cuisines to roadside cafes that have the best variety of coffee, this article has got you covered. 

Instagrammable Cafes in Multan

There’s no lack of aesthetic cafes in Lahore, Islamabad, and Pindi, but the people of Multan had their interests inclined toward traditional food. However, Multan, the City of Saints, has recently seen an increased influx of contemporary cafes. Rather than traditional restaurants, people now prefer to visit modern cafes, and the culinary scene in Multan has served its people with their interests. 

Here are 8 aesthetic Instagrammable cafes in Multan that you must visit. Whether you are a Multani or happen to be in Multan for the time being, you cannot miss these eateries. 

1. Chayee Khana – The Best Instagrammable Cafe in Multan

Instagarmmable Cafes in Multan

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A pre-partition mini-mansion turned into a luxury restaurant, Chayee Khana offers the ultimate experience of being in the City of Saints. Though it’s nothing traditional, you can sense the historical allure through the contemporary aesthetics. 

Beware, it’s not quite an affordable option. But considering the taste and ambiance, every penny you spend will be worth it. They offer five different types of cuisines, including French, Chinese, Asian, Middle Eastern, and Pakistani. 


2. Chinatown & Jade Cafe – The Most Amazing Vibe

Instagarmmable Cafes in Multan

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If you are looking for the prettiest aesthetics with the best food and ambiance, this is the one for you. With a small but cute rooftop, Chinatown & Jade Cafe will soon become your favorite cafe in Multan. 

It’s like the perfect mixture of traditional Chinese and contemporary minimalist vibes. They offer four different cuisines along with fast food options, which means you will have a lot to choose from. 


3. Hangry – The Best Alfredo Pasta in Town

Instagarmmable Cafes in Multan

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Located right next to one of the most lively markets of Multan is Hangry Cafe, which serves the best Alfredo paste in town (without any doubt). They offer two interconnected indoor spaces and a little outdoor space that is as aesthetically designed as the indoors. 

Also, did I mention they have a Hakery – the exclusive bakery of Hangry? The outdoor area of Hangry is an amazing spot for your Instagram photos. 


4. English Tea House – The Ultimate Cafe Experience

Instagarmmable Cafes in Multan

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If you are not a big fan of restaurants and are looking for the ultimate cafe experience, where you sit beside a big window, sipping your coffee while looking out at the prettiest greenery, this is the one for you. The best time to visit the English Tea House is for breakfast because they offer the most delicious breakfast items. 

If you visit the English Tea House, don’t forget to try their Hazelnut Latte. They might not be the most affordable option out there, but they are definitely worth it. After all, one can never go broke with a cup of coffee (or maybe one can). 


More Options You Can Explore

Now that we are done with the most famous options, it’s time for the people who hate going to mainstream cafes and love to explore the new ones or the not-so-famous-yet-worth-it ones. Here are 4 Instagrammable cafes in Multan that you might want to explore. 


5. Devour

Instagarmmable Cafes in Multan

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It’s not actually a cafe, but they do serve the best pizza in town. They are relatively new, yet their ambiance and aesthetics, along with their amazing taste, have already made them the talk of the town. So, if you are planning a hangout with friends and want some cute Instagram-worthy pictures, this is your spot.

The aesthetic interior design of the indoor area and the calm and serene vibe of their rooftop serve as two fabulous choices that offer the same exceptional experience.


6. El Classico

Instagarmmable Cafes in Multan

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If you are looking for a roadside cafe to capture the grabbing-the-coffee-on-the-way snaps in your chic blazer outfit, try El Classico. They are a small cafe with all their focus on their drinks, which means you will be getting a good coffee to start your day, along with good pictures. 

Keep in mind that their menu is very limited, so if you are going on coffee with friends or family and need some menu options, it might not be the best option. 


7. Masoom’s Cafe

Instagarmmable Cafes in Multan

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Another cafe with a pretty rooftop and outdoor area is Masoom’s. Also, they have the yummiest cakes in town. So if you are visiting Masoom’s cafe, don’t forget to try their cakes, especially the vanilla caramel. 

(Talking about cakes, if you are a fan of home-baked cakes, do check out these women-owned baking businesses)

The indoors are also nicely decorated but might seem a bit suffocated compared to the airy rooftop and outdoor area. They have a lot of menu options, which means you’ll be getting a full restaurant experience. 


8. Dharti

Instagarmmable Cafes in Multan

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It should not be on the list of cafes because it’s principally a restaurant that is known for its Pakistani cuisine. However, it’s hard not to mention Dharti when we are talking about cute rooftops. Because Dharti has one of the highest rooftop areas among Multani restaurants and cafes. 

The murals on the walls can serve as the perfect backdrop for your Instagram pictures. So, when looking for aesthetic cafes in Multan, keep Dharti on the list.


What Are You Planning to Visit First?

After going through this list, you must have mentally taken notes of the places you are planning to visit. Do let me know in the comments which Instagrammable cafe in Multan you are planning to visit first. 

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